"Data, will you tell me a story? But, one I haven’t heard before!" Part 3 of 3

By: Tim Pincelli

I set the stage in part one; I told you what I believed the characteristics of a mobile companion should be in part two; and here we are in part three.

MICROS inMotion is released! And, guess what?? inMotion has every characteristic of a mobile companion I described and more!

I want to use this closing blog of the three part series as a platform to help you begin to define specific functions that answer the question I proposed in part-two:

Question: What can you ‘do’ with this information in the palm of your hand?

The answer: Take action immediately while it’s happening.

Situation 1: It's Thursday afternoon and you have that little birdie on your shoulder nagging you about watching labor costs coming into the busy weekend. But, you're driving to look at a prospective property for your next business venture with no access to your approaching overtime report. You have no idea who's on the clock or approaching overtime.

Enter inMotion: You're now a few touches away from seeing overtime alerts in the alert section, who's currently on the clock in the Labor Control, and assessing sales per labor hour on the graph carousel. Of course you responsibly pulled into a service area and parked your car before using a mobile device while behind the wheel....right? ;)

inMotion just told you information that you may not have already known, and let you take immediate action.

Situation 2: It's Friday morning and you get an alert from inMotion that your discounts and re-opened closed guest checks are higher than expected, but it's only 9:30 AM and you don't open for a couple of hours.

Enter inMotion: Required action for customer service, attempt at theft, manager training, testing? Whatever the circumstance, you are now aware of it and can take whatever action you choose. Action could be calling the manager, emailing the manager with questions, emailing the manager a copy of the check details in question asking to explain this action, or simply already knowing this is going to happen. You can choose the course of action because you've been made aware in real-time.

inMotion just told you information that you may not have already known, and let you take immediate action.

Situation 3: Morning coffee (or tea) preparing for the day ahead trying to determine wait staff requirements and expected restaurant sales volume.

Enter inMotion: The Sales graph in the carousel graphically represents your forecasted sales, sales from the same day of the week last week compared to today's forecast, sales from the same day of the week last year, and trend...all with four touches (and that includes the touch of opening the app).

inMotion just told you (or confirmed) information that you may not have already known, and let you take immediate action!

These are examples and because there are so many uses for inMotion, I suspect this blog trilogy may turn into a running series. Who knows, maybe I'll get a better looking, more charismatic version of me to play me next time.

MICROS inMotion is not just another app. MICROS inMotion is the industry’s first real business intelligence companion for operators who want better command of their business to make more money and provide better service.

This initial release is only the beginning. Take advantage of what MICROS inMotion has to offer and join the MICROS mobile companion evolution!

View our MICROS inMotion video! http://youtu.be/3g7MNesG8-c

Download the app now! http://appstore.com/microsinmotion

Find out more about what MICROS can do for you! For more information contact us at info@micros.com Phone: 866.287.4736 (US and Canada)


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