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DerbySoft Streamlines Hotel Distribution at the PMS Level

Pablo O'Brien
Vice President

It’s a fact that a hotel’s property management system (PMS) does a variety of things. Front-desk management including reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room allocations, room-rate management, billing and so on. The PMS acts as a software platform that can replace manual work and prove more efficient than that of spreadsheets and internal documents.

PMS technology has developed far beyond the original front-desk functions referenced above and evolved more into a modern operating system that can assist with business development, including direct sales channels, third-party distribution channels, ARI (Availability, Rate and Inventory) data connectivity, CRM (Customer Relation Management) integration, revenue management, cross-channel distribution and more.

That’s a lot. So, what else can the industry push a PMS to do?


As a hotel property operations management tool, a PMS also serves as a property-level reservation center to process all the reservations from all the connected booking channels, which uncovers a variety of technology challenges at the property-level. These challenges are related to the fact that hotels are connected through one or more channel managers to multiple distribution and metasearch channels. For instance, each distribution and metasearch channel may have different rate plans. Hotels must have different account managers for each channel, and then there are ARI mapping challenges as well as conflicting cancellation policies for each channel.

That’s where DerbySoft and Oracle enter with one centralized, multi-channel management solution.

OPERA Connector solves operational issues for hotels using OPERA, offering one centralized point to manage their multi-channel ARI connectivity. This single connection improves efficiency as well as increases the quality of service through the streamlined connectivity offered by DerbySoft.

Once a PMS connects to DerbySoft, a hotel can manage all its distribution and metasearch channels as well as connect to any number of distributors offered through DerbySoft.

OPERA Connector offers greater functionality for a PMS, reduces manual work, and increases accuracy and consistency of all hotel policies and rate parity.

OPERA Connector also solves other challenges with complicated packages, such as friends and family rates, child rates and bed options as well as services for spa or restaurant and miscellaneous charges, including taxes and fees.

There are also a ton of cost savings to be gained working through OPERA Connector. A PMS can now improve the accuracy of a hotel’s online reservation system and synchronize ARI data from all channels within milliseconds. In addition to accuracy, storage service through DerbySoft also relieves pressure on a hotel’s system, which improves efficiency. Think about the number of employees currently needed to do all this – now a hotel can do this with the push of a single button.

OPERA Connector is easy to implement with OPERA platforms as a seamless, single connection through DerbySoft and OPERA.

DerbySoft is on a mission to make the travel business easier, and the new OPERA Connector proves that DerbySoft is following through and creating for the needs of the industry.


Oracle Hospitality brings over 40 years of experience in providing technology solutions to independent hoteliers, global and regional chains, gaming, and cruise lines. Our cloud-based, mobile-enabled solutions for property management, point-of-sale, distribution, and reporting and analytics lower IT costs and maximize business agility. Oracle Hospitality’s OPERA is recognized globally as the leading property management platform and offers open APIs to serve as a platform for industry innovation. Learn more at www.oracle.com/Hospitality. Get specific product information as quick as clicking right here.

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