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Centara Hotels Focuses on Accelerating Growth with OPERA Cloud

Adrian Hardwick-Jones
VP Design and Technical Services, Centara Hotels & Resorts

With 42 properties and growing rapidly, we are a textbook case study demonstrating a hotelier’s need to move to cloud.

Although primarily in Asia and focused on Thailand, Centara Hotels also is in the Maldives, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, Oman, Doha, and soon to be in Dubai and Indochina. We specialize only in vacations, and our destinations range from family-friendly beachfront resorts to adult-focused hotels, luxury villas and secluded tropical retreats.

The problems with our existing on-premise property management system became all too apparent: Throughout our different jurisdictions, we relied upon five different PMS systems to manage operations – all of which were unable to communicate with one another, making even the simplest of management tasks complex.

The on-premise property management system, which was very manual, worked for a Thai operation of a much smaller scale but could no longer keep up with our vision.

We wanted to automate our processes and reconfigure our whole business to suit tomorrow’s world. Our on-premise solution handcuffed us to yesterday.

That is why we selected OPERA Cloud Property Management System Suite. Several factors influenced our decision, including its ability to centralize and simplify operations in multiple countries,

Oracle’s global presence as a service provider, and OPERA’s renowned reputation as the leading enterprise solution suite for the hospitality industry.

We discovered the cloud version offers an intuitive user interface and comprehensive functionality for all areas of hotel management. OPERA Cloud allows hotels such as ours to enhance operating efficiency and deliver exceptional guest experiences. The platform also eases integration with emerging technologies, accelerating innovation to meet the ever-changing demands of our guests.

That is a competitive advantage that we had to have.

With the deployment of OPERA Cloud, our managers now can control multiple operations and deploy changes across all properties from one central location, which is a very different set up from before. They’ve also been able to optimize catering offerings for banquets, which is central to our business.

By simplifying hotel processes, we have been able to reduce headcount and bring bigger efficiencies in terms of cost management. And our staff – in all departments – is more dynamic; they are able to focus on other important initiatives that directly lead to providing fantastic guest experiences.

Ultimately, the move to the OPERA Cloud means enhancing operations across all touchpoints, improving processes and becoming more competitive in a global marketplace.

Much of our growth has come in the last 12 months as we’ve realized we can support those operations. Owners are responding to our ability to distribute widely to the marketplace. And that’s because they know we have a world-class infrastructure in place.

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