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Bayview Hotel gains independence with “expandable” OPERA Cloud PMS

Grant Smith
General Manager/Director Operations, Bayview Hotel Group Ltd.
It’s cliché to say you need to be able to trust your business partner. But it was a critical factor in my decision to select Oracle Hospitality and its OPERA Cloud Property Management System (PMS) for my property, the Bayview Hotel in Comox Valley, the adventure playground of British Columbia.

I’m glad I made it such a priority, because our 91-room, family-friendly destination has seen competition intensify significantly in recent years. The beautiful beaches, forests, and lakes that surround us – as well as opportunities to enjoy countless outdoor activities – not only have attracted guests but other hoteliers. And when you’re in a period of business uncertainty, especially like the one we’re in now, there’s hardly anything more important than having peace of mind.

Oracle Hospitality and OPERA Cloud let me sleep at night.

What exactly do I mean? At the time when Bayview was selecting a PMS vendor, we were preparing to “deflag” from a corporate chain and become an independent property. We didn’t want a lot of mystery with an unknown supplier. To have a partner such as Oracle – which plays a major leadership role in our business and is trusted by leading hotel chains – made good sense to me. And much of our staff had familiarity and insights working with OPERA. That was part of our consideration, too.

My trust in Oracle has been rewarded. From the beginning, they took our issues seriously and found us resolutions quickly. I feel just as valued as an independent as I was when I was part of a big franchise.

I’ll give you a specific example showing how Oracle took care of us. We needed a rewards program; not having one was one of our weaknesses coming out as an independent. Once we selected a third-party rewards program, Oracle connected it to OPERA Cloud, making it possible to transfer guest-stay information so our customers could earn points. That’s the beauty of OPERA Cloud – its flexibility allows you to integrate all types of solutions. The product is expandable, which means there’s opportunity for unlimited growth.

We’re also looking forward to using OPERA Cloud’s housekeeping functionality to its full capability. We just purchased tablets to track the cleanliness of rooms, which has become much more important because of the pandemic. We’ll be able to monitor the progress of each room and know in real time when it’s available again.

The move to OPERA Cloud has reminded me again the importance of technology in delivering a great guest experience. During the pandemic, many of our reservations have been last minute. We have many walk-ins, and they want to check-in in a timely fashion, because everyone is in a hurry. We need a PMS that will allow us to enter all their information right then and there. Our front-desk agents need confidence in what they’re doing in front of the guest, and that’s not possible without a reliable PMS. If it’s not operating efficiently, guests can’t tell whether the technology is failing or if your staff doesn’t know what it’s doing.

With OPERA Cloud, we can deliver a better experience and, just as importantly, we can prevent guest dissatisfaction.

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