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An Internship at Oracle Hospitality: The Transition of Student Life to Work Life

Here at Oracle Hospitality, we’ve started the process of recruiting two new interns that will spend a year working with our global marketing team. As one of the current interns, I joined the company back in July 2017, and since I’m now half way through my placement, I thought this would be a good time to summarise my experience with this amazing company:

From the University Bubble > Global Team

During my first two years at university, my working circle almost entirely consisted of my tutors and my fellow course students. I very rarely spoke to anyone in a different city, let alone a different country… Oh how times have changed! As part of a truly global team, my day-to-day interactions now span across multiple continents, where I could be engaging in multi-national campaigns and events or working on a key blog post for our website.  The idea of a global team can be intimidating to some, I know I thought so at first, but I can honestly say that with this placement, you will gain a deep and varied insight into the world of a marketer, standing you in great stead for your future career.

Responsible for Yourself > Responsible for Your Job

For most people, the first big life transition is moving away from home and being fully responsible for yourself. When I first moved out and started living on my own (admittedly, some weeks I did a better job than others) my parents on the whole had almost no complaints. Looking back to when I first started my role here at Oracle, I had no idea how much responsibility would be placed in the hands of an intern. But, from organising customers visiting matches at the Arsenal Emirates executive box, to managing all of our social media platforms, there is no doubt that in the eyes of the Oracle Hospitality team, you are an equal colleague. Both Susannah and myself really value how the responsibility we have been given enables us to make actionable decisions that have a real impact on Oracle Hospitality, even in our relatively short time here!

Full Time Student Busy > Full Time Employee Busy

As day to day lives go, full time student and full time employee lives aren’t on exactly the same page. One of the best things about the internship (as soon as your body adjusts from the late night parties to the early morning meetings!) is that every day is never the same as the last. As an Oracle Hospitality intern, you get the chance to work on all aspects of marketing, from campaigns to event organisation and blog writing - you  cover the full marketing toolset. Not only does this give you a great marketing insight, but also global business experience from the amazing people that I get to work with every day.

Text Book Marketing > Real Life Marketing

Theory, theory, dreary. Probably the most refreshing part to my year placement is that I am able to transfer the years of learning and understanding the marketing theories from university into practice. Every marketer at Oracle follows the modern marketing methodology, plus the range of online training resources and world class marketing systems I have used is enormous. One of my tasks has been to produce a market research project, identifying the total market of Hotels in EMEA that our sales managers and teams could then put into action.

If you like what you’ve read and think you’ve got what it takes to be the next Oracle Hospitality intern then please email your CV and cover letter to matt.nicholls@oracle.com

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