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An Improved Guest Experience Awaits…Empower with Mobile!

By: Tim Pincelli, Global Segment Leader, Restaurants

I love this time of year (especially this year)! No, it’s not because the spring season is on the horizon, or baseball spring training has started, or (especially not) the thought of kids being out of school for the summer doing the “I’m bored” stare after you’ve given them an ample selection of things to entertain themselves. I love this time of year because it’s when I get the privilege of traversing the US evangelizing about the amazing innovations and solutions we offer for the hospitality industry. This year is extra special because the story at Oracle Hospitality is an exciting one!

After being in hospitality technology for over 13 years, I’ve become highly energized about the innovations I’ve seen in the recent past centered on mobile and guest engagement. Don’t get me wrong, there have been incredible and timely innovations in my time previous to the last few years. But what makes these recent years so exciting is that the trend is focusing on improving the guest experience in an increasingly impersonal world where technology could seem overpowering. A lot of emphasis has been put on efficiency and table turns. Both allow restaurants to serve more people faster for higher revenues. I get it, we all want everything immediately and sometimes five minutes ago but not at the cost of a poor experience. Tough balance to achieve. I’ll share my weekend dining experiences with you to help paint a picture on where elegant mobile solutions can improve a couple of basic experiences in most restaurants today.

  • Saturday, hockey team lunch, seven tables, all seated immediately with a very positive start to our experience. Couple the positive first impression with prompt service and great food. Then, the experience killer…28 minutes to get the check and 11 minutes to pay with a credit card (I timed it because this subject is a sensitive one with me).
  • Saturday, three couples (no kids), single table, same first impression and excellent cuisine experience. This one had a twist as we had a nut allergy in the party and a painful experience playing 20 questions with two servers and a chef consultation on entrée ingredients. And, unfortunately, same check presentation experience. I didn’t time this one, but it was still long enough to be an experience killer.

The downside to these experiences: all parties involved will only remember the long wait to pay and the seemingly uninformed wait staff for what started as an excellent experience. These examples are preventable. Empowering servers with mobile tools helps prevent these poor experiences without being technology overpowering. How? Full-featured mTablet E-Series tablets with elongated battery life and a beautiful and engaging touchscreen experience.

Want to learn more about how our elegant and easy to deploy mobile solutions powered by cloud-delivered software can empower you team to help improve guest experience? Join us this show season. Specifically in March where we will be proudly presenting our cloud platform and other incredible innovations at booth #53 at MURETC 2015 and at Oracle Industry Connect 2015.

Find out more about what Oracle Hospitality can do for you! For more information contact us at OracleHosp ww@oracle.com

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