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Xmas Day 2014: IoT Devices Go Online

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Watch out next week, when possibly millions, tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of IoT devices get unwrapped, turned on, and registered online, sharing their data... all. at. once. on Christmas morning as the day moves from time zone to time zone. It could be the start of the IoT-maggedon.

Or not--if all goes right and those Christmas gifts register themselves correctly then send their wireless data without any hiccups. And, everyone remembers to change their default passwords to something non-hackable before connecting them to the Internet. Sh-yeah. Right. :-)

See this FastCompany article:

December 25: The Day IoT Devices Go Online

Here's a quote:

 Experts say this is going to be 
the biggest Christmas for Internet
of Things devices—which wirelessly
sense or send information—ever.
(Until next year.) As the relatively
new ritual of unwrapping a present
and then logging it on plays out on
December 25, the day increasingly
becomes notable for the sheer number
of items that start sharing data.

So, watch for a big surge of FitBit/Nest/Baby Monitor/etc. traffic on Christmas Day, followed by stories on the news how it was the day that a record number of IoT devices went online for the first time in one day, and either caused the biggest spike in IoT data traffic or the largest number of crashes and subsequent customer support phone calls to IoT companies in one day.

Stay tuned...

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