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Why are embedded device apps still written in C/C++? Why not Java programming language?

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At the recent Black Hat 2014 conference in Sin City, the Black Hatters were focusing on Embedded Devices and IoT. You know? Make your networked-toaster burn your bread 10,000 miles away, over the Web for grins and giggles.

Well, apparently the Black Hatters say it can be done pretty easily these days, which is scary.


Securing Embedded Devices & IoT

Here's a quote:

 All these devices are still written 
in C and C++.
The challenges associated with
developing securely in these languages
have been fought for nearly two decades.
"You often hear people say, 'Well, why
don't we just get rid of the C and C++
language if it's so problematic. Why
don't we just write everything in C# or
Java, or something that is a little
safer to develop in?'," DeMott says.

Gah! Why are all these IoT devices still using C/C++? Of course they should be using Java SE Embedded technology! It's a natural fit to use for better security on embedded devices. Or, I guess, developers really don't mind if their networked-toasters do char their breakfast. If it can be burned, it will be... That's what I say. Unless they use Java. :-)

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  • guest Saturday, August 16, 2014

    Yes, sir!! I totally agree with you,But according to me,it is not possible that they are always using c,c++.Because JAVA provides better security compare c,c++ so reasons of security definetyle JAVA has used.

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