Friday Aug 17, 2007

Chase down Cash with Java ME technology

LOC-AID has come up with a Java ME app that allows companies (like radio stations) compel listeners to make complete fools of themselves running around from location to location, getting traffic tickets and causing mayhem, all in the name of greed. Nice. Well, at least they use Java ME technology. :-)


In the name of cash: Java ME

Here's a quote:

 The "Dash for Cash" game 
 demonstrated the LOC-AID 
 mobile marketing platform...
 to create branded location-
 aware mobile marketing 
 campaigns such as... 
 promotions, scavenger hunts 
 or point-to-point "chases"
 ... as a downloadable 
 application in Java...

Tuesday Nov 14, 2006

Do people really need to read e-mails all the darn time?

I guess people do really need to read e-mail messages from their cell phones, otherwise it wouldn't be such a killer Java ME technology-enabled app. Here's yet another Java ME e-mail program for your mobile phone.


MovaMail - YAJMEEC - Yet Another Java ME E-mail Client

Here's a quote:

 MovaMail, officially released 
 an all-new build of MovaMail to 
 consumers worldwide.  MovaMail 
 allows consumers to access 
 their current email services 
 including WebMail, POP, and 
 IMAP from their... java-enabled 
 mobile phone... [which] 
 maximize[s] the capabilities 
 of today's MIDP 2.0 mobile 
Put the Java ME cell phone down. Stop reading all those e-mails. Unplug, unwind, relax... Ah... There, doesn't that feel better now. No? You gotta see if someone responded to your report you just sent? OK. Go ahead... check your e-mail from your cell phone. Yes, that's it... See where that will lead you... >:-) Heh, heh, heh...

Monday Nov 13, 2006

Java ME tech catches a qode

Neomagic has a cool Java ME technology-enabled app for your cell phone that lets you scan a barcode or 2-D code on a product and view info (like a mobile movie preview clip) on that product. Nifty!


Caught a Qode

Here's a quote:

 qode(R) reader works with 
 camera phones, letting 
 users "click" on two-
 dimensional "smart codes" 
 to connect directly to 
Here's a video on what that looks like. Watch as the customer scans the Blockbuster DVD case barcode and gets Denzel delivered to the cell phone screen. (Uh, couldn't the customer have picked a better movie? Man on Fire??? C'mon, Die Hard is much better. Or, even Aliens vs. Predator! But, Man on Fire???)

Sunday Nov 12, 2006

Java ME technology has been OPEN SOURCED! Woo-hoo! Let's celebrate!

Finally, after months of preparation, the folks here in the Java ME group are happy to announce that Java ME technology is now open source! Click on the link to the right to download the code, build it, run it, and use it to your heart's desire.

Use it now because it's open source under GPLv2 (not the pansy-a\*\* Apatchme license--we're talkin' OSI- and Richard Stallman-loving, free as in freedom, gen-yoo-ine, real-deal, GPL licensed software. Don't accept anything less!


PhoneME project at
(\*NOTE: Free "as in beer" registration required)

It's time to celebrate! Click on this YouTube video and party up! WOO-HOO!!! :-)

Friday Nov 10, 2006

Lost? Get Mapping Software on a Java ME technology-enabled Nokia N95

Feeling a little lost (not as in the TV show)? Well, just whip out your Nokia N95 with Java ME technology and pull up your mapping software to figure out where the heck you are.

See this cool demo:

Watch this YouTube video of the Nokia N95 mapping app

Makes me want to run out and get a Nokia N95! Of course you'd probably have to get it on the gray market in the U.S. But, I can get you one for $500 cheap if you really want one.... (NOTE: I'm kidding! The actual price on the gray market is around $280, but I'll let you have one for $500 if you really want. Just gimme a couple days...). ;-)

Thursday Nov 09, 2006

Yahoo! A Java ME technology-enabled banner day

Yahoo! is going to add banner ads to their mobile services (like Mobile Search) on Java ME technology-enabled cell phones. A little tit-for-tat going on with Google, I see...


Yahoo banner ads on your Java ME cell phone

Here's a quote:

 "Total numbers of consumers using 
 mobile Internet or data services 
 have really just taken off over 
 the past year," Leverich said.

 She pointed to increased user-
 awareness of the services 
 available, better mobile 
 devices, and faster mobile 
Well, if Yahoo! and Google are fighting it out over mobile customers (Yahoo! Mobile Search banner ads vs. Google Mobile GMail), it can only be good news for Java ME technology I would think. It's like Tupac and Biggie Smalls all over again. The question is: Which one is Biggie Smalls and which one is Tupac?

  Grab your glocks when you see 2pac
  Call the cops when you see 2pac, Uhh
  Who shot me,
  But, your punks didn't finish
  Now, you 'bout to feel the wrath of a menace
  <Engineers>, We hit 'em up
    Hit Em Up, Tupac


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