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    October 20, 2006

Someone left a big ol' dumpster in our parking lot...

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Over here at the Santa Clara campus, we've been trying to figure out who left a big rusting dumpster in the middle of our parking lot. It's a big black steel container parked across 3 parking spots with the Sun logo on it. D'oh! It's not a dumpster for our on-going Santa Clara campus construction??? It's a marketing stunt from Sun called Project Blackbox??? OMG, I believe they have all lost their minds over there in our server division.


Someone left a big dumpster in our parking lot

Here's a quote from Tim Bray:

 Me, I have no idea how big 
the market is. But I’m glad
we built it, because it is
just totally drop-dead
f\*\*\*ing cool.

Uh, language thing aside, if Tim thinks it's cool, it must be cool, right? F, yeah? :-) It still looks like a dumpster, though. I hope they don't mind I threw my gumwraper in it.

I'm thinking the engineers over here in Java Micro Edition just will never understand our big iron Sun brothers: Their boxes are a lot bigger than ours and they have potty mouths. ;-)

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