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Raspberry Pi is Top Banana of Single Board Computers for Internet of Things

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When it comes to IoT Development, nothing can smash the Raspberry Pi which tops the list when it comes Single Board Computers for hacking Internet of Things projects.

Or, so says this survey from LinuxGizmos.com.


2015 Hacker SBC Survey

Here's a quote:

 [T]he ten most popular SBCs in
the 2015 Hacker SBC Survey were
the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B,
Beaglebone Black, Raspberry Pi
Model B+, Odroid-C1, DragonBoard
410c, Odroid-XU3, Parallella,
Arduino TRE, Edison Kit for
Arduino, and Odroid-U3.

And, where, you may ask, was the $9 Chip Raspberry-Pi-Killer that was just announced weeks ago? Well, that doesn't ship until December, 2015, if (that's _if_) it ever does ship--sometimes Kickstarter projects like the $9 Chip Raspberry-Pi-Killer turn out to be duds and don't ever launch. Plop. We'll have to see if it will even come close to the big hit that the Raspberry Pi has been with IoT hackers.

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