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Oracle's new cloud services including (ta-da!) Internet of Things Cloud Service

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Oracle announced a major update on the cloud business that will be launched by year's end, including... drum-roll... Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Service. Yay! hinkmond


Oracle Updates Cloud Services

Here's a quote:

 "We now have a complete suite of 
services for building applications
in the cloud," said Ellison,
promising customers can now take
all of their applications... and
put them in the Oracle cloud "with
the push of a button."
Oracle unveiled more than two dozen
new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
and Infrastructure-as-a-Service
(IaaS) products... such as
databases, analytics,
Internet-of-Things, ...

I like that last one! So, as our executive chairman and CTO says, "with the push of a button", you can connect your IoT devices (sensors via gateways, embedded systems, Raspberry Pis, talking refrigerators, etc.) all to the Oracle cloud.

That's a powerful button!

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