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Oracle IoT Device to Translate Cat Meows: Java SE Embedded on Raspberry Pi

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Here's a new Oracle Internet of Things (IoT) Device that translates cat meows into readable text. You just need a Raspberry Pi device, a USB connected mic, and Java SE Embedded technology to program the meow-to-text recognition software using cloud-based, kitty-crowd-sourced, big data to do the translations.

The inventor here at Oracle was quoted as saying:

 "I was watching my cat the other day,
and I thought, 'I wonder what my cat is
thinking... If there were only a way to
use an IoT device to translate my cat's
thoughts and meows into human readable
text.'". "A couple days later, I had a
prototype with parts from old stereo
equipment and a Raspberry Pi, and now,
nine months later, I have a $350 billion
startup company."

Thus was born the Oracle IoT Cat Meowerator, a next-generation automated cat translation device that taps into millions of cat meows stored over the web on an Oracle cloud database to deliver carefully translated meow-to-text conversions to your device.

The device, now available on Amazon.com for $299.99, includes a mic, a stuffed bird toy with catnip, meaty treats, and a Raspberry Pi controller board. It uses a Realtek 802.11b/g/n controller to link to the Internet over a home WiFi net like another access point and Java SE Embedded technology to let you know, "April Fools!".

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