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New Raspberry Pi Model B+ Runs Java SE Embedded Apps Just Like Model B

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What's the difference between the new Raspberry Pi Model B+ and the old Model B? Well, it's more than just the plus sign (+) in the name. There are more USB ports, better sound, and lots and lots more GPIO Pins.

Now that's what I'm talking about! I like having more GPIO pins when connecting my Java SE Embedded apps to all types of tasty devices like sensors and actuators!

See Raspberry Pi video blogger, Carrie Anne Philbin's run-down of the list of new features of the new RPi Model B+ on YouTube:

Geek Gurl Reviews RPi Model B+

And to add to the Geek Gurl's video (above), you should know that of course, all your old Java SE apps will run on the new RPi Model B+ without any problem, because... duh... "Write Once, Run Anywhere" Ya know? Java? Hello? Good stuff!

Just remember to update your version of the Java SE Embedded platform to the latest release on your Raspbian operating system:

sudo apt-get install oracle-java8-jdk

That's it! You will now have the most recent Java SE Embedded platform, the most awesome embedded platform for your Raspberry Pi Model B, B+, and any other letter and arithmetic symbol you can think of. Port your Model B Java apps to the Model B+ by just copying over the JAR files. What's easier than that? :-)

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