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Linus Torvalds Talks about IoT and Smart Devices

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Linus Torvalds was at the Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) in San Diego recently, and in the keynote seemed upbeat about Embedded Linux and the Internet of Things (IoT). He talked about Embedded Linux not being in all the "leaf nodes", or in other words, the really small IoT devices (like sensors and microcontroller-based devices, such as ones based on Arduino), but instead Linux will be in all the hubs that IoT devices will connect to.

Also, he talked about if he were a kid today, he'd be messing around with a Raspberry Pi.


Linus Torvalds and IoT

Here's a quote:

 "I’ve destroyed things with a 
soldering iron many times," he
said. "I'm not really set up to
do hardware." On the other hand,
Torvalds guessed that if he
were a teenager today, he would
be fiddling around with a
Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone.
"The great part is if you’re not
great at soldering, you can just
buy a new one."

And, that Raspberry Pi has Raspbian Linux which can be used to install Java SE Embedded, so that would be a natural fit for any kid today to mess around with. Kids have it good today! Wish I had a Raspberry Pi when I was a teenager...

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