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Kill bad-*ss demons with Java tech-enabled RuneScape online game

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Did you ever want to test your sword skills against a huge evil-looking red demon with fangs, curled horns, and a scimitar that could cut you in half with one swipe? Yes? Weirdo. Oh, I mean, cool, here's the game for you! RuneScape by Jagex.


Play RuneScape on Java

Here's a quote:

 Join the over 135 million users 
who have already discovered
RuneScape, become an adventurer,
explore this spectacular world,
face hundreds of enemies, and
complete challenging quests –
all in amazing high detail
graphics. RuneScape + Java:
Bringing you an immersive
gaming experience

Test your massive-multiplayer online (MMO) game skills today in RuneScape, and see if you can kick some demon-*ss. It's fun and you're doing a good service for the heavenly world.

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