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Java (SE Embedded Technology) Rises Again in IoT Developers Conference Summary

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The Electronic Design site has a good summary of the Internet of Things Dev Conference where Java was reported being "at the center of many IoT and M2M platforms from the start". (Such as this Freescale i.MX6 Dual-based IoT Gateway which ships with Java SE Embedded directly on the device)

"Java at the center of IoT & M2M." So true. So, very true.


Java Rises Again

Here's a quote:

 Actually Java has been at the center 
of many IoT and M2M platforms from
the start. The movement to 32-bit
microcontrollers for clients make
it an interesting choice because
it provides portability...

And, the portability that Java SE Embedded technology gives is the key to IoT. That is, if you want your Apple HomeKit to talk to your Google Nest API's to talk to your Fitbit to talk to your AllJoyn network to talk to your Tesla car... It's going to be Java (once again) Embedded technology that ties it all together with standard and secure API's and protocols. Don't trust anyone else to remain neutral in tying all IoT devices and networks together.

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