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Java Embedded Holiday Gift Idea: Choose PS4 with Java ME CDC, not Xbox One

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Here's a holiday gift idea for the 2013 shopping season: When shopping for one of those new generation fancy-schmancy video game consoles, make sure to choose the Sony PS4, which has the Java ME CDC platform built into the PS4 Blu-ray player. The Java ME CDC platform (which the Java ME CDC team and I helped work on at Sun Microsystems, Inc. and now at Oracle) ships on many devices found on store shelves today, such as the PS4.

So, for commercially shipping (and profitable) Java products (such as Java ME CDC) on the PS4, make sure to pick the gift that comes with Java technology for your friends and family. Plus, the PS4 is a kick-b*tt console compared to the Xbox One, so you can't go wrong. ;-)

Happy Java Technology-Enabled Cyber Monday!

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  • Will Tuesday, December 3, 2013

    Is the Java ME CDC only used internally? Or can I take advantage of it by, say, burning a Java ME application on a Blu-ray disc and sticking it into the PS4?

  • Hinkmond Wong Tuesday, December 3, 2013

    Hi Will,

    Java ME CDC and Personal Basis Profile on the Sony PS4 game console's Blu-ray player can be used for developing and burning your own Java ME CDC-based app on a Blu-ray disc and running it in your PS4.

    Just follow the instructions at:


    Hope this helps! Have fun and let us know how it works for you!


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