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Internet of Things Bubble Hype Comes from Media, not Data

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Here's a Web article at The Motley Fool talking about how the "Woz" (and I feel I can call Steve Wozniak, the "Woz", not because I know him personally, but because I saw that he was once on DWTS) feels like IoT is a bit bubblicious.

But, later the Motley Fool article goes on to redeem itself by pointing out that technically a "bubble hasn't formed yet" (around IoT), since mainstream investors haven't sunk their entire 401(k) accounts into wearable sensors that detect each of your bodily functions.


Steve Wozniak Believes IoT Bubble Could Burst

Here's a quote:

 A bubble hasn't formed yet...
For a bubble to truly form, mainstream
investors must actively prop up the market
-- like the way they invested in tech
companies during the dot-com bubble.
Yet that hasn't really happened yet.
Most of the "hype" comes from the media,
crowdfunding sites, and VCs. Publicly
traded pure-play IoT and wearable companies
aren't trading at huge premiums yet...

Well, that's good news, even if the media loves to be all hype-y right now about IoT. It will soon become apparent (after the hype is over) that the IoT data analytics tool vendors will make out to be the real winners in this new market. Hmmm... who could that be?

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