Thursday Jun 21, 2012

D-fense! D-fense! ...for Java technology

Who needs defense when computing with the Java platform? Isn't "the best defense is a good offense"? At least in football and volleyball... ;-)


The Best Defense

Here's a quote:

"The other Oracle tester page, Verify Java Version, consistently reports whether the latest version is installed. Just click the big red button to see if the 'recommended' version of Java is installed."

So, go ahead and use Java technology! There is "nothing to fear but fear itself". I like that quote better.

Friday Jun 15, 2012

Survey says: Java technology rules

Eclipse came out with their Open Source Developer Report and Survey for 2012. In it, we see (in the words of the immortal Richard Dawson, RIP) "Surveys Says!": Java computer programming language is on top.


Java is the top

Here's a quote:

 The Eclipse community was invited 
 to participate in the survey 
 between April 23 and May 15 of 
 this year. Skerrett says the 
 Foundation promoted the survey 
 primarily through social media 
 (Facebook, Twitter) and online 
 forums. Of the 840 people who 
 responded, 732 completed the 
So, now we know who's on top, we can keep this in mind the next time this question comes up on Family Feud.

Tuesday Jun 12, 2012

Itty bitty ITTIA DB for Java Embedded Device Development

Here's a nice 3rd party itty-bitty database, called ITTIA DB, for Java Embedded and Mobile development


ITTIA DB for Java Embedded

Here's a quote:

 Java applications on mobile 
 devices and other embedded systems 
 can now leverage the robust shared 
 access and data distribution 
 features of ITTIA DB SQL with a 
 new JDBC (Java Database 
 Connectivity) driver released this 
 week. This driver provides 
 significant value for Java 
 developers targeting embedded 
 platforms such as QNX and Linux.
Plus, it can exchange data with an Oracle back-end database. That's good if that's what you have on the back-end.

Monday Jun 11, 2012

Amazon Kindle e-Ink based device programming: Java ME CDC old school

If you like doing Amazon Kindle development in the old-school way (Java ME CDC-based apps) on their e-Ink based readers, then here's how to download and use the Amazon Kindle Development Kit (KDK).


Download Amazon KDK

Here's a quote:

 We're excited to introduce the all-
 new Kindle family: Kindle, Kindle 
 Touch, and [blah-blah]. The KDK has 
 APIs, tools, and documentation to 
 help you create active content for 
 Kindle, Kindle Touch, and other E 
 Ink Kindles.
Kickin' old school with Java ME CDC technology is the way to go. You can come up with the next Word with Friends this way.

Friday Jun 08, 2012

Save 10% when you by this Java mascot stress toy

That's right! Attention Java online shoppers! We have a blue-light special for a limited time. Buy a squishy Duke stress reliever toy and get 10% off.


Java mascot stress toy

Here's a quote:

 Polyfoam stress toy is shaped like 
 Java mascot, Duke. 2-1/4" x 3-1/2" 
 x 1-3/4". Custom mold. 

Stress Reliever Toy? Now, why would you be stressed out if you're a Java technology fan..? Don't answer that.

Thursday Jun 07, 2012

Play Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim on your Java ME phone

Here's a game that started on on the iDrone, then Anphoid, and now finally on Java ME tech-enabled mobile phones (thank goodness!).


Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom

Here's a quote:

 When you become the head of the country 
 all the responsibility for the land's 
 prosperity rests on your royal shoulders. 
 You will have to fight various enemies 
 and monsters, explore new territories, 
 manage economic and scientific 
 developments and solve a heap of unusual 
 and unexpected tasks. For example, what 
 will you do when all the gold in the 
 kingdom transforms into cookies?
Sounds like the same as becoming President of the U.S... except for the gold turning into cookies part... and the part about dragons. But, everything else is the same.

Monday Jun 04, 2012

What's new with Java technology? Java Embedded

As this article points out, Java Embedded is a safer, more robust and easier to develop platform for small networked devices. So, get ready for good things to come from Java Embedded...


Java Embedded: Next New Thing

Here's a quote:

 Through the past few years the 
 industry as we know it has seen 
 a big boom with the mobile and 
 cloud revolution. Today, there 
 has been an enormous amount of 
 buzz around machine to machine 
 (M2M) or the "Internet of Things," 
 since we are moving into a state 
 where everything is going to have 
 to be interconnected and will 
 have to properly communicate 
 together... Today, Java Embedded 
 provides that platform.
I like it! As long as there's no Zombie Apocalypse, I think Java Embedded has a great future!

Friday Jun 01, 2012

Opera Mini 7 launch to turn Java ME phones into smart browser phones

Here's a good way to smarten up your Java ME smart-challenged phone. Use the new Opera Mini 7 browser to view your personalized "Smart Page".


Opera Mini 7 w/Java ME

Here's a quote:

 The browser comes with a new 
 feature called 'Smart Page'...
 a one-page summary of all the 
 news from your Facebook and 
 Twitter feeds.

 In addition to showing your 
 friends' status updates and 
 tweets, Smart Page will offer 
 up suggestions for news sites to 
 follow, and... save you the 
 hassle of manually typing Web 
 addresses into your mobile 
 Opera Mini 7 is available as a 
 free download for Java-compatible 
 (J2ME), Nokia S60, and Blackberry 
 devices at
That's smart! Using Java ME means you don't have to deal with those other platforms.

Thursday May 31, 2012

Maker Faire 2012 Attendees build with Java Technology

Looks like Daniel Green, systems engineer from Oracle, and the panel of Java experts had a successful Java Technology booth at this year's Maker Faire 2012.


Maker Faire 2012 adds Java

Here's a quote:

 "We made a huge impact for
 Java and Oracle, creating 
 positive perception, building 
 brand awareness, and 
 introducing fun and engaging 
 ways for future technologists 
 to learn Java programming," 
 says Michelle Kovac, Oracle 
 director, Java Marketing and 
Good stuff, considering all the future developers of exploding robots and fire-breathing dragon metal sculptures attend the Maker Faire. They can blow up stuff with Java technology just as effectively as other programming languages. :-)

Friday May 25, 2012

Tequila Planet Uses Java ME Tech to Gain 10 Million Users

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four. Tequila Planet has leveraged Java ME technology to obtain 10 million users on their mobile game platform.


Tequila Planet leverages Java ME

Here's a quote:

 There's plenty of buzz around 
 mobile gaming platforms.

 Tequila Mobile is approaching 
 the business from a somewhat 
 different perspective...

 With a strong tradition in 
 feature phone development, the 
 Polish outfit quietly launched 
 its Tequila Planet platform 12 
 months ago.

 Supporting Java and [blah-blah-blah],'s racked up 10 million unique 
 users to-date, of which 700,000 have 
 been monetised in some way.
Ouch. I wonder if being "monetised" is painful. Must not be, if 700,000 Java ME users had it done....

Thursday May 24, 2012

168.8 million Opera Java ME tech-enabled users worldwide can't be wrong

When there are nearly 169 million people around the world who use their Java ME technology-enabled feature phones as the only way to browse the Internet, you know there is something good.


169 million use Opera Java ME

Here's a quote:

 [A]s a mobile browser, Opera 
 competes head-to-head with Apple 
 and Google...

 The study... found that globally, 
 56% of Opera users and 43% of 
 those who use another browser 
 only access the Internet via 
 their mobile devices. 
It's like the quote from Sir Isaac Newton, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants"

Thursday May 03, 2012

5 great apps make your Java ME dumb phone, smart

Turn your Java ME not-so-smart-phone into a somewhat-smart-phone with these top 5 Java ME mobile apps, as this Web article suggests.


5 great Java ME apps

Here's a quote:

 Are you not using a smartphone, 
 but still want access to a few 
 apps? It might be possible – if 
 your phone can use J2ME, there’s 
 a wide variety of apps out there 
 for your phone whether you 
 realize it or not.
That's pretty smart. Non-smartphones have cheaper subscription rates, and still let you run fun and useful apps. That's using your noggin.

Monday Apr 30, 2012

Rapid Protect Mobile location-based apps with Java ME technology

Keep your location-based mobile data safe with Rapid Protect Mobile apps for your Java ME tech-enabled mobile phones. This helps you from being "slimed" by the bad guys. And, we all know who they are...


Don't get slimed: Use Java ME

Here's a quote:

 [Rapid Protect] apps include many 
 innovative features such as photo 
 check-ins, photo sharing, geo-fencing, 
 geo-tagging, in-app secure chat, 
 location tagging etc... Mobile 
 applications are available on all 
 major mobile platforms such as 
 [slimey-slimey-slimey], and J2ME. 
Don't be "slimey". Use Rapid Protect Mobile apps and (a licensed version of) Java ME technology today!

Friday Apr 27, 2012

Front desk? Who needs to check-in when you have Java ME technology?

Feh. Who needs to check-in at the hotel front desk, when you can simply wave your Java ME tech-enabled mobile phone to open your hotel room?


Wave your Java ME phone

Here's a quote:

 OpenWays uses a Crypto Acoustic 
 Credential™ (CAC™) and text 
 messaging to securely deliver a 
 unique acoustic key to the guest 
 anywhere in the world... It is 
 compatible with all 6 billion 
 mobile phones in the world, 
 including [blah-blah-blah], 
 [yadda-yadda-yadda], JAVA J2ME, 
 ... and more).
Java ME Technology: Your Key to Happiness. Get it? Key? Yeah, that's good, huh? :-)

Thursday Apr 19, 2012

I am Number 4 Dual SIM 3.5 Inch Touch Screen Quad Band Java Cell Phone

Here's a name for a new Java technology-enabled cell phone that's quite the mouthfull: The all new "NO. 4 Dual SIM 3.5 Inch Touch Screen Quad Band Dual Cameras Wifi Java Cell Phone".

Kinda rolls off the tongue, dudn't?


No. 4 Dual SIM Java Phone

Here's a quote:

  Quad Band: GSM850/900/1800/
  Dual sim cards dual standby
  Wireless internet
  Support[s] Java
Nice phone. Looks like an iDrone, but it's not. It's more like an iClone. The difference is that it has Java ME technology, so it's all good. That's what really matters.


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