Monday Nov 05, 2012

Oracle releases ADF Mobile with Java ME CDC for iOS and Android

Finally. Oracle has released a new product that I've worked on for a while now. Oracle ADF Mobile is available for iOS and Android bringing Java ME CDC technology to iPhones and Android devices all over the world. Woot! Java. On iPhone and Android. Yeah, it's like that.


Java and HTML5 on SmartPhones

Here's a quote:

 Oracle announced the availability of 
 Oracle ADF Mobile – a framework the 
 enables the development of hybrid 
 applications for mobile devices. 
 Oracle ADF Mobile uses Java and 
 HTML5 and enables developers to 
 develop a single application that 
 installs and runs on both iOS and 
 Android systems.

 Java - Application logic is developed 
 with the Java language. Oracle brings a 
 lightweight Java VM embedded with each 
 application so you can develop all your 
 business logic in the platform neutral 
 language you know and love! (Yes, even 
Gosh, you'd think it was a big deal. Well, it was! So, go download yours today!

Wednesday Oct 10, 2012

JavaOne 2012 demo of Java SE Embedded on Raspberry Pi

Here's the Inquirer's article about our Java SE Embedded demos at JavaOne 2012 this year. Simon Ritter had a fun presentation showing the cool demo on the Raspberry Pi at his talk.


Demo Java SE Embedded on Raspberry Pi

Here's a quote:

 Oracle demonstrated Java SE for 
 embedded devices running on the 
 Raspberry Pi bare bones computer 
 at the Java One show on Wednesday, 
 with the aim of encouraging 
 developers to try it out for 
 themselves to create reference 
 libraries for the target school 
 children audience.
I had the presentation after Simon and saw the size crowd he had. They were laughing and clapping at the demo and having a good ol' time. Good to see the interest in Java SE Embedded, even if it is for a "toy" device like the Raspberry Pi. ;-)

Monday Oct 08, 2012

JavaOne 2012 session slides: "Dev Berkeley DB & DB Mobile Server for Java Embedded Tech"

The latest JavaOne 2012 slides are available on the Web. Here's the presentation that Eric Jensen and I did on "Developing Berkeley DB & DB Mobile Server for Java Embedded Technology". Enjoy!

You don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. It's OK, you can click here to download the PDF file.


Click here for the slides in a new window

It was fun to present this talk at JavaOne 2012 with Eric. We had some good questions from the audience. Let me know in the Comments if you have any further questions. I'll pass all the good questions to Eric and keep the bad questions for myself. ;-)

Wednesday Sep 26, 2012

Oracle releases Java Embedded Suite 7.0 for your embedded needs

Don't you just want Java Embedded Suite 7.0? Don't you just need Java Embedded Suite 7.0? Let me hear you say: "Yeah!"


Yeah, Java Embedded Suite 7.0!

Here's a quote:

 Oracle today announced Oracle Java 
 Embedded Suite 7.0, a new, packaged 
 offering that facilitates creating 
 applications across a wide range of 
 embedded systems including network 
 appliances, healthcare devices, 
 home gateways and routers... 
It's all good. If you need Java technology for your embedded device, Java Embedded Suite 7.0 has the goods: Java SE Embedded runtime, Java DB, Glassfish (mini EE server), and Jersey Web Services.

Monday Sep 24, 2012

Java Embedded @ JavaOne coming soon...

The "Internet of Things" is coming your way to the Java Embedded sub-conference at JavaOne 2012 next week: Oct. 3 - Oct. 4 in San Francisco. Get ready to learn how Java Embedded technologies and solutions offer compelling value.


Java Embedded @ JavaOne

Here's a quote:

 The conference is designed to provide
 business and technical decision makers,
 as well as Java embedded ecosystem 
 partners, with a unique opportunity to 
 meet together and learn about how they 
 can use Java embedded technologies to 
 enable new business strategies.
It's the place to be for Java Embedded techies.

Monday Aug 27, 2012

New Java ME security app, Rapid Tracker, is now full version

Rapid Protect has updated it's Java ME security app to be the full version now instead of a dumbed down version that ran on feature phones. Now, that's progress!


Full Rapid Tracker on Java ME

Here's a quote:

 Rapid Protect, a leading company 
 focused on mobile based safety, 
 security and collaboration space 
 announces major feature enhancements 
 to its award winning "Rapid Tracker" 
 mobile applications. In addition to 
 many new features, it announced 
 availability of Full Rapid Tracker 
 application on J2ME non-smart feature 
Hmmm... "on J2ME non-smart feature phones". I wonder if by "non-smart" they mean another word... Perhaps, "non-iDrone-Anphoid"?

Friday Aug 10, 2012

Come see JavaOne 2012 session on Berkeley DB & Database Mobile Server

If you're going to JavaOne 2012 or Oracle Open World 2012 conference in San Francisco this year, make sure to see the JavaOne technical session on "Developing with Berkeley DB and Oracle Database Mobile Server for Java Embedded". It's going to be a hoot (and very informative)! :-)


JavaOne 2012 session: Berkeley DB

Here's a quote:

Session ID: CON7100
Session Title: Developing with Berkeley 
DB and Oracle Database Mobile Server for 
Java Embedded

Venue / Room: Hotel Nikko - Nikko Ballroom II/III
Date and Time: 10/1/12, 8:30 - 9:30
Be there or be square.

Monday Aug 06, 2012

Bay Area JUG (12Jul2012) presentation: Developing w/Java Embedded on Raspberry Pi

Here's a video of the Bay Area JUG presentation from 12Jul2012 on Developing w/Java Embedded for the Raspberry Pi device.

This was a lot of fun to present with Gary. There seems to be a lot of interest in running Java Embedded on the new Raspberry Pi development board. Hope developers find this informative!


Developing w/Java Embedded on Raspberry Pi

The great part is that Gary and I were able to also see James Gosling's talk after ours (see the talk in the right margin of the Youtube link). James had some cool background information and demos from his current job at Liquid Robotics, maker of a ocean wave riding robot.

Wednesday Aug 01, 2012

Oracle Music Festival at this year's JavaOne 2012 conference

Well, here's something that's new: There will be the Oracle Music Festival going on at night during the same time as this year's Oracle Open World and JavaOne 2012 conference.

Oracle Music Festival @ JavaOne

Here's a quote:

 This year, the first-ever Oracle 
 Music Festival will debut, running 
 from September 30 to October 4. In 
 the tradition of great live music 
 events like Coachella and SXSW, the 
 streets of San Francisco—from 7:00 
 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. for five nights-
 into-days—will vibrate with the 
 music of some of today’s hottest 
 name acts...
The English Beat and Macy Gray will be there. Cool. Just remember to also go over to a couple of the technical sessions during the day too. Looks better that way when you fill out your expense report. :-)

Monday Jul 30, 2012

Samsung Champ feature phone w/Java ME technology

You're a champ if you buy the Samsung Champ at a special low, low price from Amazon. Here's a video that displays why the Samsung Champ is the champ of all Java ME tech-enabled feature phones...

It's got Java support, GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz support, a 2.4 inches Touch Screen, 1.3MP Camera Resolution, Music Player, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Talk Time: Up to 12 hours, and Stand by Time: Up to a demonic 666 hours. What more can you ask for?


Samsung Champ

Any Java ME cell phone that has a touchscreen and that's sold via Amazon is a champ in my book... even if it is "chic white"! Ack.

Wednesday Jul 25, 2012

Java Embedded @ JavaOne (Call for Papers)

Got an idea for a great Java Embedded talk at JavaOne 2012 in San Francisco this year? Well you've got until 27Jul2012 to get your submission in before the deadline!


Submit a paper for Java Embedded

Here's a quote:

 The call-for-papers (CFP) for Java 
 Embedded @ JavaOne closes soon. 
 Interested speakers are invited to 
 make business submissions: best 
 practices, case studies and panel 
 discussions on emerging 
 opportunities in the Java embedded 
 space. Submit a paper. 
Do it! Java Embedded @ JavaOne 2012 is a cool new sub-conference (conference within a conference within a conference) that will prove that nested conferences make sense... where Java Embedded technology (and recursion limits) is concerned that is! ;-)

Tuesday Jul 24, 2012

Netbeans 7.2 is released with FindBug integration

Haven't you always wanted your computer program to find its own bugs by itself? Well, that's a lot closer to reality now with FindBug integration in the newly released Netbeans 7.2.


Netbeans 7.2 released

Here's a quote:

 Oracle's Netbeans integrated 
 development environment (IDE) 
 goes toe-to-toe with Eclipse 
 when it comes to open-source 
 programming tools. Oracle, the 
 overlord of Java, has updated 
 its Netbeans IDE. The firm's 
 updates in Netbeans 7.2 
 include tight integration with 
 the Findbugs analysis tool, 
 performance improvements and 
 support for PHP 5.4.
Now if only computer programs could just write themselves too...

Thursday Jul 19, 2012

Come see James Gosling at Bay Area all Java Users Group meeting

All Java Users Groups will be gathering in the Bay Area this evening at the Oracle Santa Clara campus to hear James Gosling talk about Liquid Robotics. And, as an added bonus you can hear Gary C. and myself give a warm-up presentation before James takes the stage.


Bay Area JUG meeting: James Gosling

Here's a quote:

 All JUGs in the bay area will be 
 getting together to do a big event 
 at Oracle in Santa Clara.  We'll 
 kick off with an outdoor summer 
 picnic and networking hour and 
 end the evening with James Gosling's 
 talk entitled "Robots and Oceans and 
 Whales, Oh My!"
Come on out and hear James speak about robots! We've got the barbecue firing up right now!

Tuesday Jul 10, 2012

Hot-hot-hot for jobs in Java and mobile software

It's hot-hot-hot! The market for Java and mobile developers keeps growing hotter, and hotter--so says the latest Dice survey.


Dice survey says Java & Mobile are tops

Here's a quote:

 The market for mobile developers is 
 expanding faster than the talent pool 
 can adapt, a Dice survey indicates.

 Software developers in general—as 
 well as Java, mobile software and 
 Microsoft .Net developers in 
 particular—are in short supply today. 
 Those fields represent four of the 
 top five most difficult positions IT 
 managers are looking to fill...
 The New York/New Jersey metro area 
 led the country with 8,871 positions 
So, if you are looking to get into software development get crackin' in learning Java mobile programming and move to NY or NJ. Let's go Mets!

Tuesday Jun 26, 2012

It's here, it's here! OJEC 1.1 is here -- Oracle Java ME Embedded Client

Download it now! OJEC 1.1 has just been released and will run on your Linux/ARM, Linux/x86, or Linux/MIPS device. Get it before supplies run out! (Not really, it's software. How can it run out?)


Download OJEC 1.1 now!

Here's a quote:

 Oracle offers Java ME Embedded 
 products to meet your specific 
 Java Technology needs. Java ME 
 is targeted for use on devices 
 where a feature-rich Java 
 platform is desirable, despite 
 lacking the resources necessary 
 to run the full Java SE Embedded 
Try it on your Raspberry Pi! (If you can find where to buy a Raspberry Pi that is. Now that's something that can run out)


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