Friday Apr 30, 2010

Growth of Java ME cell phones continues to rise

The growth of the overall cell phone market continues to rise, up 22% this past quarter. That's very nice, since the majority of worldwide cell phone sales (about 70%) is still Java ME tech-enabled. iDrone fanboys would have you believe that iDrones represent the majority of cell phone sales. Don't believe the hype!


Java ME still growing

Here's a quote:

 Research in Motion Ltd., 
 the Canadian maker of the 
 BlackBerry smart phones, 
 broke into the top five 
 of the world's largest 
 phone makers for the 
 first time.

 Manufacturers shipped 295 
 million phones in the 
 quarter, IDC said. The 
 report is based on 
 publicly reported figures 
 from the major phone 
 Nokia Corp. kept its place 
 as the world's largest 
 maker of phones, followed 
 by Samsung Electronics Co. 
 and LG Electronics Inc.
Woo-hoo! There's still life in them bones.

Friday Apr 02, 2010

AHHH!!! Clash of the Titans!!! Get it on Java ME cell phones

Arrghhhhhh! When there's a hot, hot movie like Clash of the Titans that comes out, you need to have a fun game for cell phones that remind you of that movie (keep the brand going). So, who ya gonna call? Java ME technology!


Clash of the Titans Movie Java ME game

Here's a quote:

 Clash of the Titans: The Movie game 
 has been announced by Glu Mobile 
 and will be available for [blah-blah], 
 J2ME and [yadda-yadda] devices, 
 this movie is very hot indeed...
That's right. Today's hot movies turn to Java ME technology to goose their brand recognition. Are you doing the same?

Monday Feb 22, 2010

When giving a Webinar to the entire Internet, imagine the audience naked

That's how you keep from getting nervous. But, then there's an issue of keeping your mind on the presentation (and, many times for a tech Webinar, a gender ratio problem... not that there's anything wrong with that, if that's how you roll).


JavaFX Mobile Webinar

The cool part of Parleys presentations is that you can click on the upper right corner of the window (where the slides are) and flip the main window to view the slides instead of the speaker (sometimes a good thing ;-) ) and then click again to go back again.

That's neat. I wish I could do that with Fox News broadcasts when I don't want to watch the anchorman. :-)

Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

New iDont Care TV commercial

Here's my mashup of the new iDon't Care TV commercial going around. Originally, the iPhone fanboys did one that was funny. I had to correct it a bit with my own modifications. :-) Heh-heh...


New iDont Care TV Commercial

It's fun what you can do with video these days. :-)

Monday Aug 10, 2009

Develop for Sony Ericsson PlayNow Arena for free

Here's some info on how to develop a Java ME game or app for free to upload and sell on the Sony Ericsson PlayNow Arena site. You get a 70% cut.


Develop for Sony Ericsson PlayNow

Here's a quote:

 Sony Ericsson announced its PlayNow 
 arena application submission site 
 is now open to all Java ME and 
 Symbian OS developers. Programmers 
 may submit apps for PlayNow arena 
 as well as the handset maker's 
 existing Fun & Downloads service
 ...there is no charge for 
 developers to submit their apps, 
 and no annual fees.
No annual fees! But, if you want to give $99 to Steve Jobs to develop for the iPhone, you go right ahead... It's your money to blow any way you want. :-)

Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

Apple iPhone hits trough of disillusionment

Ah, how sweet. As every engineer worth their salt knows, there comes a time in the product lifecycle of a high tech gadget known as the "Trough of Disillusionment", where public opinion comes crashing down on a once high and lofty cool gizmo.


iPhone hits trough of disillusionment

Here's a quote:

 The rejection of Google Voice, 
 potentially a killer app for 
 smartphones, should prove that 
 Apple doesn't care about its 

 The App Store approval process 
 seems capricious and arbitrary. 
 Spend time and money to develop 
 an application only to have it 
 denied for reasons nobody can 
 quite articulate in advance. 
Poor iPhone developers. How quickly they discover that the grass is not all that much greener over on their multitouch device side. Come back to Java ME development. There's no cabal preventing you from uploading your Java ME game or app to There's no big brother telling you Thou Must NOT Sell Your Java ME Mobile App. Who needs that?

Monday Aug 03, 2009

Java ME tech gains 212% in market share!

It's been said that you can prove pretty much anything with statistics. Since other companies love twisting around reality, I thought I'd take a stab at it. Take a look at this article (thanks to Eric A. for forwarding this to me) which points out that Java ME technology market share increased by 212.50%! Well... not really (you have to read the whole article carefully). But, it sure sounds nice. :-)


Java ME grew by 212%!

Here's a quote:

 What Net Applications did instead 
 was sample data from browsers 
 visiting their clients’ websites 
 and report what percentage came 
 from machines running Windows, 
 Mac, Linux, etc.
Yeah, the 212.50% increase for Java ME was a result of Net Applications (creator of the data report) moving from one flawed reporting style to another. And, if you look at the absolute number for percent share of the market (0.25%), it's very small. Hey, we're tied with iPhone (which as the title of the article points out, supposedly lost half its market share (ha!)) and blow iPod Touch out of the water. :-) Not sure you can bank on that though... but, hey statistics don't lie... ;-)

Thursday Mar 19, 2009

How to get 10 million downloads of your Mobile app

So, you've worked hard on a new Mobile application. The question is now, how do you get over 10 million downloads of your Mobile app (like what eBuddy was able to do)? You'd like to have that number (or greater) as a starting point, right? Well, the answer is not the Apple iPhone AppStore. Just say no to that.


Say yes to GetJar and Java ME

Here's a quote:

 With the entire tech word 
 endlessly buzzing about the 
 latest new smartphone, it's 
 easy to forget that around 
 75% of handsets sold are 
 basic feature phones - 
 often lovingly referred to 
 as "dumb phones".  With 
 these phones generally 
 lacking an official "App 
 Store" of their own, users 
 turn to the web to find new 
With the Java ME based eBuddy IM app pulling in 375,000 downloads each week, why bother with the hoops you have to jump through for Apple's AppStore?

Monday Feb 23, 2009

You've got 15 minutes to learn JavaFX, what do you do?

Mission Possible: Good afternoon, Mr. Phelps. You have 15 minutes to learn JavaFX programming language. What do you do?

Well, you can just click on the video to the left and watch Robert Eckstein run through the basics of JavaFX programming in 15 minutes or less.

And, specifically watch how to program in JavaFX Mobile at timestamp 2:45 to 3:00. If you blink, you'll miss it. It's that simple... No need to change any of the source.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to learn JavaFX in 15 minutes. Good luck, Jim... This blog post will self-destruct in 10 seconds.


Mission Possible: Learn JavaFX

I was just kidding about the self-destruct part. No, really. Hey, what's all that smoke???

Tuesday Jan 27, 2009

Tag, you're Java ME technology-enabled it!

Microsoft sees the beauty of writing apps in Java ME programming language. They offer their new Microsoft Tag app on all the major phone platforms, including the most major of them all: the Java ME platform. Thought I was going to say Android, didn't you? Fat chance!

This is a cool app that lets you create a 2D image badge that becomes a shortcut to a long URL, so that you can just use your cell phone camera to upload it to your phone and jump to it in your browser, instead of typing it all in on that teeny phone keypad.


Tag, Microsoft uses Java ME

Here's a quote:

 It’s a free application in beta 
 for Windows Mobile, J2ME, Symbian 
 S60, BlackBerry and iPhone.
Yeah, yeah, Microsoft wrote their app for their WinMobile platform, Symbian, and iPhone too. But, so they wasted a lot of time for not much return. As Bobby Brown says, it's their prerogative.

Thursday Dec 04, 2008

JavaFX Mobile beta launches on Java ME technology

Yay! JavaFX Mobile (redux) beta launch today. It's all good now, since it runs on Java ME technology.


JavaFX Mobile runs on Java ME tech

Here's a quote:

 JavaFX Mobile builds on top 
 of the market-leading Java 
 ME platform to take advantage 
 of its powerful, device-level 

 Pairing these two powerful 
 technologies gives content 
 creators a no-holds barred, 
 non-compromising environment 
 in which to express 
As long as they're expressing themselves downwind...

Monday Jun 30, 2008

Mobile & Embedded Governators needed

Achtung! Ya. Vee vill need zwei Governator candidates for zee Mobile und zee Embedded kommunity.


Governances Board call for nominations

Here's a quote:

 Any member can nominate an 
 active member in the Mobile & Embedded 
 Community to serve as a Governance 
 Board Member.  All nominations will be 
 reviewed by the current Mobile & 
 Embedded Community Governance to 
 verify that the nominee is interested 
 in the position and complies with 
 current Governance Board Member requirements. 
Schnell! You vill only haf und-til July 28th. Ya. Danke.

Sunday May 04, 2008

I've got the power: Java ME tech-enabled Mpowerplayer

Mpowerplayer received the Duke's Choice Award during the JavaOne 2008 conference. Not too shabby!


Mpowerplayer wins award

Here's a quote:

 Using Java technology, Mpowerplayer 
 expands the audience for mobile games 
 to include casual online gamers, 
 letting them easily find, try, and 
 buy mobile games and applications. 
 Consumers discover and sample a wide 
 range of content on their PC and then 
 transfer their purchases to their 
 mobile phone.
Good stuff when unifying Java ME technology (play your mobile content on a PC).

Monday Jan 14, 2008

No more chalk-talk, now it's Java tech-enabled boards instead

The chalkboard in schools is obsolete--same goes for the whiteboard. Now there is the Java technology-enabled SMART board that lets teachers project interactive computer screens that are touch-sensitive so that students can learn on-the-fly with help from Java technology.


Java Jazzes Up the Classroom Chalkboard

Here's a quote:

 Korte said the possibilities for 
 instruction are endless. "In my 
 mind, the boards let me turn the 
 math classroom into a lab.  I can 
 introduce things like color, 
 detailed diagrams, animated Java 
 applets that change before the 
 kids' eyes."
Heck, if Mrs. Tattinger (my junior high math teacher) had one of these babies, I think honors trig would've been a lot more interesting... either that or having more cheerleaders in the class.

Thursday Jan 10, 2008

New mobile gadgets for 2008: No Java ME vs. Java ME technology

In the battle royale of iPhone vs. Blackberry, you get non-Java ME technology-enabled versus Java ME technology-enabled. And that's important since there will always be a fight for developers. In this case, those smartphones with Java ME tech will win.


Non-Java ME enabled vs. Java ME enabled smartphone war

Here's a quote:

 Some analysts predict a brawl 
 between iPhones and BlackBerrys; 
 others say the real fight pits 
 the smartphones against open-
 source handsets
It's really a war for developers. No mobile programmer is going to want to learn a new programming language over and over again. The millions who know Java ME now will demand standards.

Yo, Adrian!!!! Ain't gonna be no rematch!


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