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AMD and Oracle collaborating on OpenJDK for ARMv8 64-bit servers

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Here's an article on Project Sumatra, the AMD/Oracle collaboration to put Java SE Embedded technology onto their new ARM 64-bit motherboard (which can also accept x86 chips).


AMD and Oracle Collaborate on ARM 64-bit

Here's a quote:

 The board ships with software including 
the LAMP stack—Red Hat Fedora Linux,
Apache web server, MySQL database and
PHP tools. The board also supports Java
7 and 8, which don’t yet have native
support for parallel acceleration across
CPUs and graphics processors. The
acceleration can be added to Java
virtual machines only through extra
layers of code. AMD and Oracle are
collaborating on an OpenJDK project
called Project Sumatra, which will bring
native CPU-GPU parallel execution to ARM
servers with Java 9, which is due next

If you're into Big Iron servers running Java SE Embedded software (best type of combo for power savings and embedded programming), then you'll want Java SE Embedded ARMv8 64-bit support which is on its way. Just get ready, since racks and racks of these ARM 64-bit servers running embedded Java apps will be the next phase of data center processing...

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