Thursday Mar 29, 2012

No more: "What was my password again? Was it 12345 or 123456?"

Keep track of all your passwords with this Java ME password tracker on your Java feature phone.


Java ME KeePassMobile

Here's a quote:

 You can put all your passwords in 
 one database, which is locked with
 one master key and/or a key file.
 KeePassMobile is a password manager 
 software for mobile phones (J2ME 
 platform) that is compatible to 
 KeePass. With KeePassMobile you are 
 able to store all your passwords in 
 a highly-encrypted KeePass (1.x*) 
 database on your mobile phone and
 view them on the go!
Don't leave home without it! And, don't forget your master password either, because if you do... you're pretty much fried with Y-rays.

Tuesday Mar 27, 2012

Look after your tribe of Pygmies with Java ME technology

Here's a game that is crossing over from the iDrone to the more lucrative Java ME cell phone market.


Pocket God on Java ME

Here's a quote:

 Massive casual iPhone hit 
 Pocket God has parted the
 format waves and walked over 
 to the land of Java mobiles,
 courtesy of AMA.

 The game sees you take
 control of an omnipotent, 
 omnipresent, and (possibly) 
 naughty deity, looking after 
 your tribe of Pygmies...
Everyone knows that there are more Java ME feature phones than grains of sand on a Pocket God island beach. So, when iDrone games are done piddlying around on a lesser platform, they move over to Java ME where things are really happening.

Friday Mar 23, 2012

Jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs: in Java technology (3/2012)

If you're looking for an opportunity to work on the latest Java technology, we have some job openings on our team. We are currently planning some pretty cool projects that you would work on!

See Java Technology Jobs at Oracle:

Req IRC1722640

Req IRC1722647

Req IRC1722654

So, check it out. You'll get the opportunity to program Java devices, work on cutting edge embedded platforms, and a get an assigned free blog at the Oracle blog site too. Won't that be fun? :)

Thursday Mar 22, 2012

GPS feature big on mobile phones, oh yeah, they can make voice calls and text too

Here's a Web article stating the oh-so-obvious: One of the most useful things a cell phone can do is give you GPS location.


Cell Phones Give Location

Here's a quote:

 Now, majority of GPS receivers 
 are built into mobile phones, 
 with varying degrees of coverage 
 and user accessibility. 
 Commercial navigation software 
 is available for most 21st 
 century smartphones as well as 
 some Java-enabled phones that 
 allows them to use an internal 
 or external GPS receiver.
Wow. That's really big news. (face palm) Next thing we know, the Web site at, is going to tell us that the Internets will bring us news, sports, and entertainment right to our fingertips.

Tuesday Mar 20, 2012

What are your intentions with Java technology, Big Red?

Here's another article (this time from TechCentral) giving the roadmap of what's intended to be done with Java technology moving forward toward Java SE 8, 9, 10 and beyond.


Oracle outlines Java Intentions

Here's a quote:

 Under the subheading, "Works 
 Everywhere and With Everything," 
 Oracle lists goals like scaling 
 down to embedded systems and up 
 to massive servers, as well as 
 support for heterogeneous 
 compute models.
If our group is going to get Java working "Everywhere and With Everything", we'd better get crackin'! We have to especially make more room in our lab, if we need to fit "Everything" in there to test... "Everything" takes up a lot of room!

Monday Mar 19, 2012

New qeep app for Java ME feature phones: meet qeepy people

Is it "qeepy" if you meet people by using your cell phone instead of, you know, talking to them? Nah. Not if it's a Java ME cell phone!


Use Qeep to Meet Peeps

Here's a quote:

 Qeep is a free app, and compatible 
 with over 1,000 Java-enabled feature 
 Qeep is one of the world's largest 
 mobile gaming and social discovery 
 platforms. Members of the mobile 
 community can play live multiplayer 
 games; blog photos; send sound 
 attacks, text messages and virtual 
 gifts; and meet new friends 
So, go on. Go, use Qeep on your Java ME feature phone to play multiplayer games, blog photos, and meet new friends worldwide. No one will think that you're weird... Not much, at least.

Thursday Mar 15, 2012

Didmo did mo' to advance Java ME technology than other companies

Here's a company that's keeping Java ME tech real in the field. DIDMO is the creator of Magmito, a user-generated mobile content creation service. That's a good thing to have when there are so many mobile platforms out there to choose from.


Didmo does mo'

Here's a quote:

 DIDMO's mission is to deliver the 
 market leading mobile application 
 generator. We will achieve this by 
 meeting the growing market demand 
 for a true end-to-end solution for 
 easy mobile content creation and 
 universal delivery. Our software 
 offering will incorporate an award-
 winning toolset with universal 
 reach (from Java to [that other 
Make an app today! Just make sure it's a Java ME app...

Tuesday Mar 13, 2012

Too Cool! TW810 Watch/Phone with Java ME technology

This is way cool! A tiny watch and mobile phone that fits on your wrist and runs Java ME technology. Nice.

It continues to amaze me what people are still doing with Java ME technology. It proves that Java ME has a very long life indeed...


Too Cool! Java ME watch/phone

It's got:
 Quad Band: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHZ
 Single sim cards single standby
 Screen: 1.5 inch high definition touch 
   screen, QVGA, 320x240
 One Camera: 0.3 Mega pixel camera, put 
   out the biggest size is 1280x1024
 MP3 background play, equalizer
 Video: 3GP, MP4, full screen, forward 
   and pause
 Bluetooth A2DP
 Sound recorder
 Video player and recorder, Audio player 
 Memory: built-in 1016.5K, extend TF card 
   to 8GB max
 Alarm clock: 4 groups, support alarm clock
 Games: supports Java games!!!!

Way cool!!!

Monday Mar 12, 2012

Say what you want, Java ME tech was never as fragmented as Android is now

You can complain all you want about the past Java ME platform fragmentation, but according to the following Web reference from Mika Mobile, nothing compares to the suckiness of the current Android fragmentation for mobile developers as evidenced by Mika Mobile having to spend "thousands of dollars purchasing various devices on which to test its Android apps". Nice going, Android.


Mika Mobile abandoning Android

Here's a quote:

 Game developer Mika Mobile has 
 announced that it will no longer 
 be supporting Android since the 
 platform is simply not lucrative 
 enough to justify the development 
 and support costs it requires.
At least with Java ME technology, there was no false claim of "Don't be evil" like Mika Mobile experienced with Android.

Friday Mar 09, 2012

Why did saurik jailbreak his iPhone? To get Java tech running on it

Q: When Jay Freeman (aka "saurik" of Cydia fame) wanted to hack his first jailbroken iPhone, what do you think he wanted to do first?

A: Get Java technology running on it, of course! Natch--it's what everybody wants on a mobile device.


Creator of Jailbroken iPhone

Here's a quote:

 Q: Prior to Cydia, what was your 
 first iPhone hack that you wrote?

 A: "Every device in the mobile 
 world but the iPhone runs Java. 
 So my first task was to get Java 
 working on the iPhone. I managed 
 to port a JVM to run on the iPhone 
 and I distributed to developers 
 in the world of jailbreaking and 
 everyone was kind of excited about 
Now, of course instead of standard iOS, he had to get enough of a Debian Linux distro to run on his jailbroken iPhone to get full Java technology compatibility and a standard Java VM to run. But, that's like the "chicken and egg" problem. Which came first on the first jailbroken iPhone, a working standard Linux distro or Java technology and a standard Java VM? You'd have to ask saurik.

Monday Mar 05, 2012

Spread Betting in the U.K. with Java ME technology

In London you can do Spread Betting (a form of off-market marginable stock options trading in the U.K. that doesn't incur capital gains tax) directly from your Java ME tech-enabled cell phone. Cool!


Spread Betting with Java ME

Here's a quote:

 In addition to their browser-based 
 offering, you can also trade directly 
 and securely from your mobile phone 
 with City Index through their range 
 of City Trading™ mobile trading apps.

 Allowing you to trade on the move, 
 you can access your spread betting 
 account through dedicated apps for 
 [blah-blah-blah], [yadda-yadda-yadda], 
 Blackberry, Java and Windows Mobiles.
What better use of Java ME tech than gambling, er, I mean, Financial Spread Betting? Yeah. That's right. That's what I meant, mate. Oi!

Thursday Mar 01, 2012

Sometimes you ask yourself: why-why-why, *why* on earth would you do that?

Using Java ME technology on mobile devices is great, no matter the purpose. You know me: it's all good. The more Java use, the better. But, why-why-why, why G*d, why would you ever want to use Java technology to run Internet Explorer Mobile on your Java ME tech-enabled mobile phone???


Use Java ME to run IE

Here's a quote:

 It is now possible to download 
 and install Internet Explorer 
 Mobile browser for JAVA based 
 mobile phones. Now you can surf 
 the web, browse, check your 
 email using Internet Explorer 
 mobile browser on any of the 
 Java based mobile phones listed
Yeah, yeah, yeah. "Don't judge me". OK, I can do that. But, it's still like running a Yugo on high octane jet fuel. Technically, it's possible... but, really? REALLY?


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