Wednesday Nov 13, 2013

Highlights: CS Bundle #31

I have completed my review of CS Bundle #31 and I can say that this bundle was overall a light one but high on impacts.

This bundle sees new functionality being rolled out to help support our Latin American institutions along with Regs and Legs I for Financial Aid. In addition, we are continuing to see the gradual phasing out of Crystal Reports from Campus Solutions as SF has had a large number of reports adapted for BI Publisher.

This Bundle also saw increased functionality for Campus Solutions Self-Service mobile with the delivered web services supporting Enrollment, Financial Aid, and Student Financials. On a technical side, we also see some additional Row Level security options delivered as well as updates to the current User Security Replacement process.

Below please find the DocID for Functional Documentation pertaining to this Bundle. 
Doc ID#:   1594532.1


Campus Solutions Common Elements

  • Simplified Campus Experience including Campus Solutions Self Service Mobile
  • Campus Solutions Web Services
  • Student Activity Guides
  • Rules Engine Updates
  • Evaluation Management System

Campus Community

  • New User Registration Enhancements
  • Updated User Security Replacement Process
Financial Aid
  • Regs and Legs I


  • Prospects/Admissions Data Load
  • Updates to Core Admissions Components
  • Updates to ADM_APPL_PROG/DATA/PLAN/SBPLAN to Support CAF for Latin America
  • Student Search Service Test Score File Layouts
  • Updated TOEFL Test Score File Layouts

Student Financials

  • Payment Applier Update
  • Crystal to BI Publisher Conversion of Key SF Reports
Student Records
  • Program Enrollment Updates
  • Activity Management Updates
  • Research Enrollment Tracking
  • Updates to Core Student Records Components
  • Updates to ACAD_PROG/PLAN/SUBPLAN to Support CAF for Latin America
  • Milestones Row-Level Security
  • Class Search Time Frame Search Feature
  • Updates to Program Enrollment and Activity Management
Key Areas to Test

  • CC User Security Replacement
  • CC Student Group Pop-Select
  • FA INAS/ISIR Processing
  • FA Return of Title IV Processing
  • AD Admissions Application Entry
  • AD Admissions Matriculation/Batch Matriculation
  • SF Student Invoices
  • SF 1098T Printing
  • SF Payment Applier
  • SF BI Publisher Reports
  • SR Student Program Plan Updates/Corrections
  • SR XML Transcripts
  • SR Milestones

Knowledge Session

On Friday, December 6th, there is a free webinar where this Bundle will be explained in a bit more of detail. The webinar is free and is scheduled to start at 1pm EST. To register, follow this link:

Friday Sep 13, 2013

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Bundle#30 Highlights - Summary & Impacts


  • Long Name Entry Functionality
  • Regs and Legs for SEVIS Batch 6.13
  • Regs and Legs IV for Financial Aid
  • New Prospect/Admissions Data Load Utility
  • Multiple Enhancements for Tuition Calculation
  • Enhanced Reporting for Veteran’s Benefits

Additional Features
  • Delegated Access
  • Rules Engine
  • Campus Solutions Self Service Mobile
  • Notification Framework
  • Program Enrollment

Functional Area Alerts

Academic Advising
  • Additional PeopleCode added to the following pages to define required values:
Campus Community
  • First and Last Names 50+ characters trimmed on TS130/TS189
  • Field Length Changes to the following Realtionships fields: PHONE_DAY, PHONE_EVE, PHONE_FAX
  • Martial Status in CS displaying invalid values in HR; also impacts Constituent Transaction Manager (CTM)
  • Re-Delivered AppEngine SCC_STD_GRP
  • Re-Delivered Student Center Page: SCC_SUM_ADMS_TEST
Contributor Relations
  • Re-Delivered App Engines to remove unnecessary PeopleCode to avoid compile errors:
Financial Aid
  • Re-Delivered Cobol and SQR processes: SFPGRPST.cbl FAPCLOOR.cbl FATRMU1.cbl FAPINAS4.cbl FAPFSP15.sqr
  • FA Shopping Sheet Changes for IE Compliance and CS Bundle #29 COA calculation errors.
Recruiting & Admissions
  • Re-Delivered AppEngine: SAD_APL_PRG
Student Financials
  • Re-Delivered Cobol and SQR processes: SFPCRHST.cbl, SFPFECAL.cbl, SFPGRPCL.cbl SFPFEADJ.cbl, SFP1098P.cbl, SFRSCVW.SQR
  • Re-Delivered AppEngines: SF_FEE_RLVR SSF_SWVR_PS
  • Security Change against Users Reversing their own Charges/Payments
Student Records
  • Re-Delivered Cobols: SRPCEPRD.cbl SRPCSMLS.cbl
  • Faculty Center: Grade Changes
  • Student Center: Class Search Fixes My Requirements-Enrollment Shopping Cart Security Change to Student Admin Menu for Quick Enroll
  • XML Transcript (SSR_TSRPT) Performance Adjustments
Key Testing Areas
  • CC Person Data (Marital Status, Names)
  • AD Update Program Action/Reasons
  • FA Self Service – Shopping Sheet
  • FA Group Post
  • SF Tuition Calculation
  • SF Student Waivers
  • SR XML Transcripts
  • SR Student Milestones
  • SR Process Student Groups
  • SS Student Self Service – My Requirements
  • SS Faculty Self Service – Grade Changes

Friday Mar 02, 2012

Issue: Prerequisites Not Working

Here I present another issue that has been bothering implementations at universities with regards to enrollment.


Students are receiving a 'Prerequisites not Met' error when attempting to enroll in a class where the prerequisite class was taken in an earlier session within the same term.


The application does not currently support enrollment requisites for classes taken within the same term but different sessions.


The accepted workaround for this issue is to create an enrollment requirement group with two detail lines using an OR connector. The first line is set up as a pre-requisite and the second line as a co-requisite for the course. With this setup a student enrolled in the prerequisite course in an earlier session will be able to use that course to meet the corequisite line of the requirement and enroll in the later course.

If you wish to ensure that the prerequisite couse has already been completed earlier in the session, on the detail parameters of the co-requisite, set minimum units to 3 (or whatever the earned units for the course should be) and set the "Exclude In-Progress Credit". This will ensure that the prerequisite class taken in an earlier session will have been completed prior to enrollment in the later class.

There is an enhancement request on file requesting the ability to set up prerequisites within the same term, different sessions against the Report ID#72545000 which can be accessed from Metalink.


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