Tuesday Mar 31, 2015

JavaLand populated by Early Adopters

The JCP was a sponsor of the Early Adopter area at JavaLand in Germany last week. This is a summary by guest blogger, Andreas Badelt - DOAG (@sigjava).

The second edition of JavaLand again lived up to the motto "From the Community for the Community". The "Early Adopters' Area" was one of the central initiatives in this. Its focus is mainly on the two activities where the Community gets involved to bring core Java forward: Adopt-a-JSR to support the Specification Requests which define the language and platform standards, and Adopt-OpenJDK to support the development of the JVM and JDK.

Over the two days of JavaLand, around 100 people joined us in the area - JSR Expert group leads and OpenJDK evangelists discussing the latest features and standards with conference attendees. They shared their knowledge and encouraged attendees to contribute to the future of Java, while at the same time taking home a lot of valuable feedback for their work.

The Early Adopters' Area is not designed as a mass event - it very much lives from the intense discussions and from the balance between scheduled mini-workshops, hacking, and spontaneous sessions and group discussions. That way, it offers more for people to connect with each other, and also dive much deeper into the core of Java.

The "lineup" this year was even better than 2014, there was something in for everybody:
- Heather vanCura gave insight how to get involved with the Java Community Process as such and the Adopt-a-JSR initiative.
- Ed Burns discussed JavaServer Faces and HTTP/2 in Java SE 9.
- Anatole Tresch presented the Money&Currency specification, as well as Apache Tamaya, the intended start for a Java Configuration JSR.
- Mani Sarkar and Daniel Bryant talked about the OpenJDK and showed people how to compile their own version of upcoming JDK9 using the new modularisation.
- Alex Snaps and Peter Lawrey provided tipps & tricks on JCache and also talked about the (erstwhile withdrawn) Data Grids JSR.
- Roland Huß gave insight into the just started Java EE Management JSR and the Jolokia project which may be a starting point for the reference implementation.
- Ivar Grimstad brought details and practical examples of the new MVC JSR.
- Andres Almiray took the new Desktop|Embedded Application API to JavaLand, and also showed the Asciidoctor project together with Dan Allen, as well as "useful gradle plugins".
- Yara and Vinicius Senger demonstrated their pre-assembled IoT computer Surfboard and different usage scenarios.
- Bruno Borges talked about WebFX: JavaFX plus Nashorn Javascript.
- Mark Struberg, Bruno Borges, Arun Gupta and others started a deep dive discussion on CDI.
- Also, there were two combined vJUG/Nighthacking live sessions on Adopt-a-JSR and Adopt-OpenJDK with Heather, Ed, Andres, Anatole, Mani, Daniel which were broadcast from JavaLand.

And probably some of the ad-hoc sessions and group discussions that took place are missing in the list, as it was just too much too keep track of everything.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in this vibrant event, take your enthusiasm on to help shaping the future of Java. And hopefully see you again next March at JavaLand 2016!

Thursday Apr 14, 2011

JCP Program 2011 EC Special Election!

This week marks the beginning of the 2011 JCP Executive Committee (EC) Special Election!

There are 4 open EC seats that will be filled during this Special Election. There are 3 seats on the SE/EE EC (2 ratified, 1 elected) and 1 seat on the ME EC (elected). See below for more details.

The nominations phase of the election began on Tuesday--the PMO accepts nominations from the Community for a period of 2 weeks.

The nomination phase for this special election, where every eligible JCP member can self-nominate for the 2 open elected seats (1 on SE/EE EC, 1 on ME EC) is open until Monday, 25 April. You must use your election login credentials that were sent to the primary contact of every eligible JCP member via email. Following the nomination period, the ballot will be open for voting by the JCP program membership from 26 April - 9 May. Results will be published on Tuesday, 10 May.

Summary of Special Election seats:

Doug Lea's ratified seat (term ends 2013)
Apache's ratified seat (term ends 2013)
Tim Peierls' elected seat (term ends 2012)

Sony-Ericsson's elected seat (term ends 2011)

Special Election Timeline:

Nominations open: 12-25 April
Ballot open: 26 April - 9 May
Results published/new EC member effective date: 10 May

See the JCP election page for more details: http://jcp.org/en/whatsnew/elections

Monday May 04, 2009

JCP Program JSR Transparency Case Studies

A new Case Study series on Transparency was recently published on jcp.org, with a focus on collaboration.

Collaboration: Developing the JSR Components on a Hosted Website (Part 3 of 3)

The JSRs featured include JSR 113 (conversations.com), JSR 231 (JOGL Forum), JSR 241 (codehaus.org), JSR 243 (apache.org), JSR 303 (hibernate.org).

The first edition of case studies on transparency stressed the need for frequent drafts to the public.  The JSRs featured in this case study describe ways of making drafts of the specification available for download, and include JSR 170 & 283, JSR 308, JSR 310, JSR 321.

Sunday Apr 27, 2008

You didn't play with any toys?

In the US, Thursday was Take
Our Daughters To Work Day
. I brought my older daughter (6 years
of age) into my "office" this afternoon.

I worked on my blog, had a meeting, and answered some email. I
told her about my job and the parts I enjoy the most. When I asked
her if that sounded like fun she responded with a blank-faced "no".
"Why not?", I asked; she proceeded to explain that I didn't
"play with any toys". I guess my SunRay, PowerBook and
BlackBerry don't qualify as toys to a 6 year old. Anyway, I told her
how actually my job in the JCP program
is more like her teacher at school, helping folks play nice together
on the playground. That seemed to satisfy her, but she was still
somewhat nonplussed. We'll try again next year...


Heather VanCura


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