Thanking the Clinical Trial Patient and Giving Back for the Greater Good 

Katherine Vandebelt
Global Head of Clinical Innovation

Patients in a clinical trial have a lot to deal with – not only are the facing the physical and mental drain of a trial, but there’s also the emotional aspect. Many who participate in clinical trials are doing so because they need a treatment that isn’t available yet and are hopeful the trial could potentially yield one. If you’ve ever known someone who has been in a trial, the whole process is an anxiety-filled duration of time that can lead to happiness, heartbreak, or even confusion. Even if someone participates in a trial for a purely altruistic reason, at the very least, it’s still going to be exhausting and demanding.

Without the commitment of clinical trial participants to advance clinical research, we would be lost. It’s important to recognize their efforts and thank them – but this is often overlooked. That’s why the Greater Gift Foundation was created.

In episode five of The Latest Dose, our host Kathy Vandebelt brings back Greater Gift and PopUp Star Founder, Jennifer Byrne, to talk this time specifically about the importance of giving back to clinical trial participants. In this interview, Jennifer dives into what Greater Gift is, her motivation for founding it, why it’s important, and what they do to thank participants and other clinical research stakeholders. Tune into our podcast below and make sure to subscribe! You can also visit The Latest Dose to listen to our other four episodes. Make sure to look for the next episode in July!

Lastly, if you know anyone who has or is going through a clinical trial, remember to stop and thank them – one kind word can go a long way in making someone feel appreciated.

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