Highlights from DIA-Vienna and SCOPE-Orlando - Wearables and Digital Trials Moving Faster

Jonathan Palmer
Senior Director, Product Strategy

Two recent events (DIA, Vienna and SCOPE, Orlando) serve to illustrate that the world of digital trials is starting to move from baby steps to a walking toddler.

This evolution in maturity is encouraging. Both conferences supported a packed two-day agenda of rich content showcasing the current state of the industry. Aligned to this was a new set of players in the booth area ranging from connected devices, to virtual trials, to real world data analysis providers.

Some highlighted snapshots:

  • Novartis’ CEO was quoted as describing trials undergoing sensorfication.
  • Generic companies are now considering adding on technology/sensor to differentiate their products, e.g. a simple smart inhaler with the count of doses remaining.
  • There is a focus on ‘zero UI / frictionless’ concepts, e.g. using Alexa to accelerate patient engagement.
  • Roche and Abbvie stand out as digital trials leaders; others are more conservative.
    • Abbvie is testing new digital concepts in low risk environments, such as in their clinical pharmacology unit.
    • Roche is focused on leveraging consumer devices to augment clinical trial data.
  • There is increased tangible talk about  beyond the pill or molecule plus, with which therapy is augmented by a device.
  • Digital therapeutic is becoming a new term. Previously, it was aligned with the above beyond the pill. But now, it’s becoming a new class of disease management apps that can be prescribed, instead of a drug.
  • Blockchain use cases, particularly around patient data ownership, are developing and entering proof of concept phase, and beyond.

Most notable about this evolutionary trend is that organizations are now referring to these projects as ‘this is what we have done’, rather than “this is what we plan to do”. The industry is moving beyond the proof of concept/pilot stage and very much looking at how to embrace digital at scale.

This is absolutely aligned with our efforts around Oracle Health Sciences mHealth, Oracle Health Sciences Clinical One, and Digital Trial of the Future, as presented at our recent Oracle Health Sciences Connect conference in Philadelphia.

Interesting in learning more? See our video here. (2:04)

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