Accelerating the Evolution of Human Care

Accelerating the Evolution of Human care? That is a Bold
Statement -- big and bold. Oracle is Number One in healthcare and bold enough
to commit to supporting our healthcare partners – hospitals, provider groups,
payers, pharma, and research organizations.

We Connect. We Collaborate. We Care.

Earlier this year, I presented at the 15th Population Health
Colloquium in Philadelphia. In just a few short years, since 2010, we have
crossed the overwhelming challenge of integrating EMRs into the hospital. In
2015, we are discussing Population Health – and all its components -- technology,
data, patient engagement, care coordination, evidence-based medicine, digital
care caps, and benchmarking! It’s Christmas and we are unwrapping all the
presents. And, here’s the bonus. Our"
gifters" included batteries – the clinical data! We have everything ready
to go!

For me, I was raised in Population Health on the west coast
in the late 1990s. I learned it through care teams and evidence based medicine.
Do the right thing for the patient and outcomes will improve. Utilization will
move from in-patient admissions to outpatient visits.

Today, Population Health is so wide. Some programs even
include expansive social safety gaps of job sourcing and housing. Regardless of
your definition, however wide or narrow, Population Health is about the patient
and the provider. It is about ensuring that as industry professionals in large healthcare
organizations, we are providing the patient with the right thing, at the right
time, in the right place, and at the right level of services.

So let’s get back to the big and bold statement, “Accelerating
the Evolution of Human Care”. Oracle is uniquely positioned as the market
leader in enterprise solutions. Our “Number One in Healthcare” label reinforces
the idea that our solutions support technology, data, and queuing theory with
our databases, enterprise healthcare analytics data model, enterprise
performance management, and connected health. We are the champion of
patient-centered, human care.

Join me in this
discussion #AcceleratingtheEvolutionofHumanCare

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