Me in the GlassFish Ubuntu Press Release

I guess some of my friends missed out reading my name in the Ubuntu press release :-). I am copying the official press release here to prove to them that I was not fibbing ;-)

Forgive me for blogging this - but this is the first time I have my name in a press release and am feeling rather good about it.  If you read this in time for JavaOne 2006 - you can attend the talk mentioned in the release. I am also talking at the Community One day at 5PM in the Linux vs Solaris track in a talk named "Up the Stack.

Java Technologies Extend Global Distribution with Canonical's Latest Ubuntu Linux Release

Sun supports GNU/Linux community by distributing a complete Java stack, including NetBeans, packaged for Ubuntu 7.04

SANTA CLARA, Calif. April 19, 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq:
SUNW) and Canonical Ltd., today announced the immediate availability of
a complete, production quality Java technology stack and developer
tools with the latest release of Ubuntu, v7.04, making it easier for
GNU/Linux developers to leverage the Java platform in their
applications. This stack, which is comprised of key popular Java
technologies such as GlassFish v1 (the open source Java Platform,
Enterprise Edition 5 implementation), Java Platform, Standard Edition
(JDK 6), Java DB 10.2 (built from Apache Derby) and NetBeans IDE 5.5 --
will be available in the Multiverse component of the Ubuntu repository
on April 19. These technologies will be available for Ubuntu users to
install easily over the network with apt-get and other standard
software management tools.

"Sun and Canonical are working together to bring the full power of the
Java platform in a fully integrated and easy to install fashion to the
free and open source software communities," said Ian Murdock, chief
operating systems officer, Sun. "Sun is committed to open source and
will continue to promote transparency in software development by
facilitating creation of innovative technology with the help of the
developer community."

"Packaging NetBeans and Java for Ubuntu ensures that we are able to
distribute it efficiently to the huge community of Ubuntu users," said
Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu. "Developers who are interested in
Sun's latest Java technology can install it instantly if they are
running Ubuntu. As Java components are released under free software
licenses, we will consider these components for inclusion in the core
of Ubuntu."

Sun is committed to supporting developers by providing versions of
its technologies that are optimized and accessible by the various open
source GNU/Linux and OpenSolaris communities. Commercial support for
all of these components, which are also supplied with Sun's Solaris
Operating System, is available at

More information on the work involved in packaging these applications
for inclusion in Ubuntu will be presented at this year's JavaOne
Conference in San Francisco during session TS-7361, by Harpreet Singh
of Sun and Jeff Bailey of Canonical entitled "Packaging Java Platform
Applications into Ubuntu".
Other related JavaOne events are Ian
Murdock's talk on "Linux vs Solaris?" at CommunityOne and an entire new
Open Source Track that will cover Sun's Free/Open Source Java software
strategy in depth, starting with Simon Phipps' talk TS-7498,
"Liberating Java: Free and Open Opportunity for the Future."

About the JavaOne Conference

Located at Moscone Center in San Francisco, May 8-11, the annual
JavaOne conference is one of the leading events for Java technology
developers. Established in 1996, the Conference provides technology
enthusiasts the opportunity to learn about the latest technology
innovations with Java technology, scripting, open source, Web 2.0 and
more. Developers get hands-on experience with the technology, can
network with their peers, and have the opportunity to network directly
with technology experts from technology industry leaders. For more
information about the JavaOne conference, visit

About Canonical and Ubuntu

Canonical, the sponsor of Ubuntu, is headquartered in Europe and is
committed to the development, distribution and support of open source
software products and communities. Canonical offers world-class 24x7
support for Ubuntu as well as professional engineering services.

Since its launch in October 2004 Ubuntu has become one of the most
highly regarded Linux distributions with millions of users around the
world. Ubuntu will always be free to download, free to use and free to
distribute to others. With these goals in mind, Ubuntu aims to be the
most widely used Linux system, and is the centre of a global open
source software ecosystem.

Download Ubuntu from To learn about commercial support for Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu, please see For more information visit or Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu and their associated logos are all registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.

About Sun Microsystems, Inc.

A singular vision -- "The Network Is The Computer" -- guides Sun in the
development of technologies that power the world's most important
markets. Sun's philosophy of sharing innovation and building
communities is at the forefront of the next wave of computing: the
Participation Age. Sun can be found in more than 100 countries and on
the Web at

Sun, Sun Microsystems, the Sun logo, Java, NetBeans, Glassfish, JavaOne
and The Networks Is The Computer are trademarks, registered trademarks
or servicemarks of Sun Microsystems Inc. in the United States and other

Ubuntu and Canonical are registered trademarks of Canonical Ltd.



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