Monday Jun 29, 2015

CSC Luxembourg Hosts Managed Services and DBaaS on Oracle SuperCluster

CSC in Luxembourg is implementing Oracle’s SuperCluster, a solution combining hardware and software to achieve unparalleled processing performance. The Luxembourg project is a value proof point for CSC, which plans to make its Luxembourg data centers a European IT pooling center for the South & West Europe region.

Professional of the Financial Sector certified, CSC is the first Luxembourg Oracle partner to offer managed services as well as database-as-a-service based on Oracle Engineered Systems. Oracle SuperCluster also offers advantages in terms of data security and confidentiality as the shared infrastructure allows consolidating the data management of several customers in a secure and compartmentalized way.

Oracle runs best on Oracle,” declares Philippe Cammaert, Senior Sales Manager, at Oracle Luxembourg. "We are thrilled to see our partners consolidating their IT infrastructure on our Engineered Systems. They choose these integrated solutions not only because of their technological performance but also for the business opportunities they offer as part of their managed services."

Tuesday Jun 23, 2015

Uganda Revenue Authority and Oracle SuperCluster: Achieves 99.9% Service Uptime for Government Ministries and Services

URA worked with Oracle and its implementation and logistical partner Technology Associates to deploy a robust, scalable, high-availability database solution that includes software and hardware engineered together, as it felt that having a single vendor for both hardware and software would be advantageous. To that end, URA deployed Oracle SuperCluster, Oracle Solaris 11, and Oracle Database. The authority’s new system is a pivotal resource for the calculation of international trade taxes. It is also used to manage compliance for the Ministry of Finance, as well as collecting transactional, financial, and tax data for the country’s citizens.

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Monday Jun 22, 2015

Portic Barcelona Logistics Services: Oracle SuperCluster Transformational Architecture

Port of Barcelona manages logistics through a technological platform that facilitates interaction between its members through its information services to logistics agents and other customers. Portic deployed Oracle SuperCluster with Oracle Solaris to multiply the number of commercial transactions that the e-commerce platform can manage by a factor of six—equivalent to a 32x performance increase—enabling Portic to process up to 26,000 service requests per hour and 500 messages per minute, with room for future expansion.

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Thursday Jun 11, 2015

Saudi Arabia Public Pension Agency Implements Oracle SuperCluster to Support Database as a Service

Saudi Arabia Public Pension Agency Implements Oracle SuperCluster to Support Database as a Service

The Public Pension Agency (PPA), an entity within KSA’s Ministry of Finance, has announced the successful implementation of Oracle SuperCluster. PPA decided to implement Oracle technology with a disaster recovery architecture across two separate sites. Oracle SuperCluster also provides high availability for Oracle E-Business Suite, with SuperClusters in two different locations running Oracle E-Business Suite in active/passive mode using Oracle DataGuard technology.

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Super and More – Specialized Bicycles Oracle SuperCluster DBaaS Implementation

Super and More – Specialized Bicycles Oracle SuperCluster DBaaS Implementation

Specialized Bicycles implements a transformative solution to simplify IT and modernize the data center with Oracle SuperCluster. Read from the CIO of Specialized, Ron Pollard about their breakthrough performance and technology transformation including streamlining IT, tightening their supply chain, and BI strategy with Oracle. 

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iQor: Oracle SuperCluster Improves Performance for Critical Applications While Lowering IT Managed-Services Costs

iQor:  Oracle SuperCluster Improves Performance for Critical Applications While Lowering IT Managed-Services Costs

iQor is a global provider of business-process outsourcing and product-support services. They required a platform to improve performance, support scalability, and provide a disaster recovery environment for mission-critical support. They chose Oracle SuperCluster, optimized the production, business intelligence reporting, and reduced operating cost. iQor realized a 30% improvement in performance for critical applications while lowering IT managed services costs by 20%.

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Wednesday Jun 10, 2015

IDC Report: Oracle Engineered Systems Provides US Retailer $28M in Total Cost of Ownership Savings

Major U.S. Department Store Retailer Leverages Oracle Engineered Systems for Greater Business Agility with Oracle SuperCluster

IDC has conducted a report to calculate the return on investment for a major US retail customer by migrating to Oracle Engineered Systems, particularly Oracle SuperCluster.  Consolidation has enabled the retailer to put multiple databases in Oracle Exadata and Oacle SuperCluster. In the past, they needed many more servers to host these databases in a more distributed environment. Consolidation has helped the retailer reduce the number of software licenses it requires to support its data center operations by moving more workloads from a more distributed environment to these Oracle engineered systems, saving an average over three years of $512,000 a year.

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Tuesday Jun 09, 2015

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Implements Oracle SuperCluster: Extreme Performance and to Supports a 10x Increase in Enrollment

Oracle continues to innovate for Education & Research excellence with Oracle solutions for the modern campus. University of Madrid (UAM) enabled a 10x increase in student enrollment, and enabled UAM to manage students’ class selections and scheduling 91% faster with an Oracle SuperCluster half-rack, Oracle WebLogic Server, and Oracle Database .

AM implemented a completely integrated, performance optimized Oracle solution enabling 98% of students to complete enrollment with no limits to concurrent sessions, and to meet the future scalability requirements. Oracle database exports and imports 12x, improving IT administration efficiencies. SuperCluster employs a massively parallel architecture and Exadata Smart Flash Cache to dramatically accelerate Oracle Database processing and speed I/O operations.

“Oracle provides the best database and application server, and Oracle SuperCluster enables us to get the most performance out of it, specifically by enabling hundreds of students to enroll for classes faster and simultaneously.”– María José García Rodriguez, director of information technology, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

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Monday May 11, 2015

IDC Claims 3rd Platform Demands New IT Strategies

IDC defines the 3rd Platform of computing as the surge in mobile, big data, social, and cloud. In a recent paper titled “Assessing the Business Value of Integrated Systems,” IDC claims that this new platform requires IT executives to consider every new hardware and software purchase to ensure progression towards automated, high performance, and cloud-based IT infrastructure.

IDC goes on to say that integrated systems are increasingly viewed as a way to achieve these objectives and cites research of integrated systems users as evidence. The results are impressive – 47% of those surveyed reported improvements to IT staff productivity, 61% reported increased speed of application deployment, and 48% reported a reduction in data center related IT spending.

Do you agree with these findings? I’ll be speaking with the author of this paper, Peter Rutten of IDC, during a webcast on Thursday, May 14th at 10am PT. If this topic interests you, please join us. Find more information here.

Thursday Apr 30, 2015

Oracle Innovates Secure Multi-Tenancy with Oracle SuperCluster

Oracle SuperCluster delivers a complete set of integrated security controls, implemented as a comprehensive platform, to enable secure multi-tenancy for service providers. Unique in the industry, the Oracle SuperCluster multi-tenant architecture enables market leading performance, high availability, and extreme scalability while also satisfying key customer security requirements such as secure isolation, strong authentication and access control, end-to-end data protection, and comprehensive monitoring and compliance auditing. The security protections designed into the Oracle SuperCluster multi-tenant architecture span every layer of the IT stack from the compute hardware, virtualization, and operating system to networking, storage, database and applications.

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Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

U.S. Army Achieves Huge Performance Boost and Cost Savings with Oracle SuperCluster

The U.S. Army AL&T Magazine has published an excellent article called "PBUSE PLUS, CECOM Web-based logistics server solution creates property book system efficiency".  This article discusses the U.S. Army's deployment of Oracle SuperCluster and includes a number of key success metrics that we think are excellent examples of the results that Oracle SuperCluster customers regularly experience.

  • The decision to acquire the Oracle SuperCluster to replace the PBUSE server architecture was a response to severe server problems in accommodating an increasing PBUSE mission workload.
  • To date, the system supports 40,478 active Army, Reserve and National Guard users, averaging 34,750 transactions daily for on-hand assets valued at $212 billion.
  • User requests travel within the cloud operating system as much as 32 times faster than with the legacy PBUSE system it replaced.
  • The PBUSE SPARC SuperCluster takes up one third of the space of the previous six racks, uses a fraction of the power and vastly improves speed and efficiency.

To read more, visit the U.S. Army AL&T Magazine article directly.

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Friday Apr 04, 2014

Abu Dhabi Police Implements Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 for Oracle E-Business Suite

Abu Dhabi Police has been working on revamping their IT infrastructure to bring the best-in-class technologies. They selected Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 to implement a large-scale consolidation of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Enterprise Database instances, consolidating data center environments for rapid deployment. Oracle SuperCluster T5-8 was the optimal, integrated solution. Abu Dhabi Police decided on an "Oracle on Oracle" approach--running Oracle software on Oracle hardware--which provided Oracle Database RAC, Solaris zone clusters for Oracle E-Business Suite, migration of database to 111gR2 database instances, and supporting applications. Oracle Consulting Services managed the complete end-to-end migration.

The work done in this project demonstrates how Oracle software on Oracle hardware delivers a compelling value proposition to customers that are seeking to run their most critical processes with the lowest risk, while having the best total cost of ownership in the market. Abu Dhabi Police is implementing a complete and high-level model that will enable them to be ready for future growth, hosting all their existing database instances and applications.

Oracle identifies, integrates, and conducts full Oracle stack testing, resulting in documented practices for deployment and Oracle E-Business Suite tuning. This has been tested to result in up to a 3x reduction in data center footprint as compared to the competition, and reduce total cost of ownership by up to 3x.

What benefits can you derive from running Oracle software on Oracle hardware?

Christine Kipp ( is a Principal Product Manager at Oracle. She has 20 years' experience with Solaris/UNIX working for Oracle and Sun Microsystems, managing high-end super computing and networking technology. She launched the highest performance Oracle SuperCluster Engineered System to market, and meets with customers to articulate technology and implementations of Oracle SPARC and Exadata, which are engineered and integrated for optimal performance on Oracle software.

Friday Feb 07, 2014

CRN Names Oracle SuperCluster One of 10 Coolest Servers Of 2013

CRN recently gathered and reviewed computer systems of all shapes and sizes, including microservers, rack-mount servers, integrated systems, and even mainframes. The result is their list of 10 of the coolest server introductions for 2013 -- which includes the latest Oracle SuperCluster.

Oracle has lead the shift from stand-alone servers to converged (or engineered, in Oracle speak) systems, starting over five years ago with the Exadata Database Machine. That accelerated four years ago with the acquisition of Sun Microsystems, as well as the introduction of the Oracle SuperCluster over two years ago. Industry analysts now recognize Oracle's leadership role in this category.

The Oracle SuperCluster family is experiencing triple-digit growth, as customers are shifting their IT spend towards proven, high performance, integrated systems. The newest member of the Oracle SuperCluster family, the SuperCluster M6-32, builds on the existing architecture of Exadata storage servers integrated with compute and network servers that run the complete software stack of OS, database and applications, all of which are optimized for the SuperCluster architecture. It is this architecture, and the 32TB of main memory, that allows for both database and applications to be run completely in memory for optimal performance. Oracle SuperCluster systems are not just for running database and applications in memory, but also are ideal systems for Database-as-a-Service implementations, mission-critical Oracle Database deployments, consolidating enterprise application and database workloads on a single platform, and private cloud deployments.  

Oracle continues to lead the industry in converged systems, and it is nice that CRN has recognized the Oracle SuperCluster engineered system as one of the Top 10 Coolest Servers for 2013.

Monday Jan 27, 2014

Oracle SuperCluster Optimizes IT Outsourcing Services for ATOS

ATOS, a leading international IT services outsourcing provider, has implemented Oracle SuperCluster as a complete, high-availability, multi-tenancy infrastructure, increasing performance, increasing profits, and providing higher services levels to customers.

With Oracle SuperCluster support for multi-tenancy through virtualization, and Oracle Exadata Storage engineered and performance optimized, ATOS significantly increased batch processing with more than 10x more IOPS with Oracle Exadata Storage X3-2.

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Monday Jan 06, 2014

The Unique Business Value of Oracle Engineered Systems: Why Oracle Engineered Systems Are Best

The trend toward adoption of pre-integrated data center 'building blocks' combining applications, database and middleware software, data storage, compute, networking, virtualization and management is well underway within most global enterprises.  This trend, and Oracle's leadership position, is evidenced by recent survey data and analysis published by numerous industry luminaries (such as Gartner and IDC).  While not all such offerings from all vendors are equivalent, they all have common aims: cost reduction, improved efficiency, better ease of use and the agility to take advantage of marketplace opportunities and technology changes as quickly as they occur, for as long as they last.  While other technology solution vendors are now racing to close the gap, Oracle's offering continues to outpace our competition, propelled by numerous commercial, marketplace and unique technical advantages.

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