Thursday Mar 06, 2008

Parallel Programming Patterns: Part 1

Recently we released MPI Development environment for Netbeans IDE, and this series is a consolidated summary of Parallel Programming Patterns implemented in the Plugin. The first Pattern which we will see is SPMD(Single Process Multiple Data) Pattern. This is a technique used to achieve data level parallelism. One of the dominant style of parallel programming, where all processors use the same program, though each has its own data, SPMD pattern exploits data parallelism in applications where a large mass of data of a uniform type needs the same instruction performed on it. The data is divided among processes to be independently operated. The example provided in the MPI Netbeans plugin shows following:
  1. An array of elements is created on main process which is then distributed amongst other processes.
  2. All processes do independent processing of data which is sent to them.
  3. If the main process wants, it can collect the data from other processes for some final processing, etc.
For more details please refer to MPI Plugin Download page and its Development guide. This is the link to Parallel Programming Patterns documentation.

Monday May 14, 2007

GNU Linear Programming Toolkit available on Sun Grid

GNU Linear Programming toolkit

The GLPK (GNU Linear Programming Kit) package is intended for solving large-scale linear programming (LP), mixed integer programming (MIP), and other related problems. It is a set of routines written in ANSI C and organized in the form of a callable library.

How to utilize GLPK on Sun Grid?

Detailed steps are available on As usual, for running GNU Linear Programming Toolkit on Sun Grid, you would need an account on

Sample data and example files

Example data files are available on the developer page of GNU LPK.


GNU Linear Programming Toolkit download:
Running GNU GLPK on Sun Grid:

Sunday May 13, 2007

New application on Sun Grid: Calculix


CalculiX is a software used to solve field problems by using the finite element method. With CalculiX Finite Element Models can be build, calculated and post-processed. The pre- and post-processor is an interactive 3D-tool using the openGL API. The solver is able to do linear and non-linear calculations. Static, dynamic and thermal solutions are available.

Why Calculix on Sun Grid?

Calculix is an ideal choice for running on Sun Grid as it is an compute intensive application. Making it available as a service would tremendously benefit scientists, mathematical solvers, etc. You only need to have your input files ready, without worrying about any other aspects of running Calculix.

How to run Calculix on Sun Grid?

Detailed steps are available on For running Calculix on Sun Grid, you would need an account on If you don't have an account on Sun Grid, you can request for an account here. Now that Sun Grid is available in 24 countries, Calculix has become much more accessible to end users in these countries.

Sample data and example files

To get a head start in running Calculix, example data files are available on the developer page of Calculix.


Calculix download:
Calculix home page:
Running Calculix on Sun Grid:

Friday May 11, 2007

Sun Grid compute utility gets feature rich

Sun Grid compute utility has added a bunch of new features making it more flexible and powerful. The new release of Sun Grid has following capabilities:

International access

Previous to this release Sun Grid was available only in the United States, but it's now available in 24 countries across the globe: United States, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. This is a significant feature addition considering the legal implications.

Internet access(Bi directional)

A job which ran on SunGrid was helpless if it needed to access information or any service outside But now with Internet access being added to the feature list will enable an application running in Sun Grid compute environment to access outside world information/service. While the use of this feature may not be immediately evident, it has opened a host of opportunities for creating innovative applications. For example:

  • A Bioinformatics application can access any public database
  • Results of your application can be delivered to specific source.
  • An application can be hosted in form of mashup to offer myriad ranges of services
  • and the possibilities are endless..
Security is easy to achieve by pairing Internet access with a tunnel technology such as ssh.

Job submission API

Although in limited beta release, this feature will give an API for submission and management of jobs programmatically. Accessing jobs can also be done via an command line interface. As an alternative to the web based interface, Job submission API gives the much desired flexibility to the end user of using a programmatic interface. This feature has to be requested from the Sun Grid Customer Care (only possible if you have an account on Sun Grid Compute Utility).


Whats new on Sun Grid
Jim Parkinson's blog news

Wednesday Mar 14, 2007

Welcome App Catalog..

Are you a open source developer who has created a cool application and want to give it enhanced visibility? Are you a research scientist lacking the infrastructure and service-provider know-how to run complex applications? Welcome to Sun Grid ! Additional features were announced for adding muscle to the already cool pay per use utility offering which would enable end users to tap into high performance computing (HPC), enterprise applications and infrastructure for complex computations as a service.

From creating your own application for Sun Grid to publishing the application for other end users (making some bounty in the process if you choose to do so), Sun Grid would also enable you to instantly access popular ISV and open source applications on a pay-per-use basis.  You can choose an already existing application in the Catalog, or you can create and publish your own application.(A how to is available here).

Some resources for Sun Grid users:


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