Friday Sep 16, 2005

Don't try this at home

Here is proof of my run to exit the Bradley Airport terminal Tuesday by way of the ditches (courtesy of my Garmin Forerunner).

Airport hotels are something I will try to avoid in the future (especially when I need to get a run in).

Thursday Sep 15, 2005

Intensity or Insanity?

Sticking to a marathon training schedule can be intense at times. But this week it felt more insane than intense. The problem was I have been traveling this week and I had to stay at the airport hotel since all the hotels in Hartford were booked. Following my marathon training program required that I do 3 miles on Monday, 7 miles on Tuesday and 3 miles on Wed.

Monday was no problem. I got up early before I left for the airport and knocked out 3. Tuesday was a different story. I quickly figured out the the airport hotel was not catering to pedestrians (and runners), but I was determined to stick to my program even though I did not have a rental car. I had to run in the ditch arround the terminals and out of the airport following the route to the rental car facilities. Finally, I found a subdivision and could exit the ditch after 1 1/2 miles to run on sidewalks in a nearby neigborhood. At times running through the ditch, I was wondering if I'm the only one crazy enough to try this. In any event I got in a good workout, and even have the run route recorded in my Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS device as proof that I ran through this silly route.

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Wednesday Sep 07, 2005

Distance it is...

I decided to set my goal for distance rather than speed. I wanted to accomplish a goal that I had never done before and I have accomplished my speed goal more times than I can count (even if the last one was 19 years ago). I can always come back to that goal after the marathon. So it is 3 hours 45 minutes that I will be shooting for in the Dallas White Rock marathon in Dec. I did 25 miles a week for the last 2 weeks and now that I have a training program, I will do 35 miles this week, following the Intermediate II training program.

I just purchased a Garmin Forerunner 301 as a training aide. I had a Nike Speed Distance Monitor watch / foot sensor which I used during my last marathon training. It is no longer functional after I ran in the rain one day. The Forerunner should not have that problem since it is rated at 1 meter waterproof. So unless I plan on running with an oxygen tank, I should be good. This also has a heart rate monitor which I am interested in using since I want to monitor this to see where I am at during training. The device should arrive soon....

Friday Sep 02, 2005

Distance or Speed

A fork in the road clearly lines in front of me. I just started running again about 1 month ago and things are going well. I have always trained best when I had a goal and I have 2 goals which are on my “To Do” list. I should pick one in the next few days and start training seriously. Here are the goals:

  1. Distance: Finish a marathon in less than 4 hours. I have run several marathons, the best of which was 4hours and 29 seconds, 5 years ago. This feels like unfinished business to me and I would like personally to break the 4 hour barrier. The race I could run is The Dallas White Rock Marathon. I will need to go into heavy training mode now to be ready. I am looking at following the Hal Higdon training plan. I have also learned of the Yasso 800 training method and that sounds interesting. In any event, If I want to do Dallas, I need to get serious. In any event, this goal needs to be a stretch goal, so I want to finish a marathon in less than 3 hours and 45 minutes.

  2. Speed: I was a cross country runner in high school and we ran 5k races. In my mid 30's I don't expect to run as fast as I did then now, but I do have a goal I would like to accomplish: I would like to run a 5k faster than President Bush did in 2002 (actually he did a 3 mile race with a time of 20 minutes 29 seconds). Rather than worry over the extra .1 mile, I will shoot for a 5k in under 20 minutes.

Now the task at hand is to pick one of these goals and “run” with it.

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