Monday Apr 27, 2009

The best kept secret at Sun just got even better - SAM and QFS Version 5.0 is finally here!

Version 5.0 of the Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM) and Sun QFS is now available for purchase and download. 

This is GOOD NEWS for Sun customers already familiar with this software and for new users looking to deploy storage solutions with better ways to share, manage,  protect and preserve the sheer volume of data generated by organizations and businesses today and for the future. Managing data growth is a real problem.  I'm keeping it real when I say that no single file system or technology can solve all the problems associated with managing this growth.  

I think users will be pleased with the significant new features delivered in version 5.0 making it easier to administer and improve shared file services and archive management. This software is designed to solve the specific problems users face when sharing, managing, protecting and preserving file data in distributed environments and across different storage tiers based on business value over time.

New Feature Highlights include:

Easier Administration Features 

\*Online Grow & Shrink
FEATURE: The ability to resize a file system online.
BENEFIT: You no longer have to unmount a file system before you grow or shrink the file system.

\*Rolling Upgrades
FEATURE: The ability to upgrade software in shared environments with multiple shared clients without taking down the rest of the file system.
BENEFIT: Easily upgrade software deployed in shared environments with no downtime

\*Browser-based Management Interface Enhancements
FEATURE: New Browser-based Management interface enhancements include:
BENEFIT: Simplify your experience when configuring, managing and monitoring these file systems

Solaris Feature integration & Support 

\*Solaris Zones partitioning software support
FEATURE: Shared File system and archiving file system support for the Solaris Zones partitioning software included in Solaris Containers
BENEFIT: Shared file systems and archiving file systems can now be used in virtualized environments with Solaris Zones support.

\*Solaris SMF support
FEATURE: SMF can now be used to manage error conditions that are unique to shared and archiving file systems during initializations.
BENEFIT: This management ability enables normal system operations to continue. SMF management includes such tasks as stopping or restarting SAM-QFS daemons as needed. Error messages are written to the appropriate SMF services logs.

\*Solaris Project ID support
FEATURE: The ability to associate standard Solaris projects with these file systems.
BENEFIT : Find all the files or directories associated with a Solaris project name or project id within a given file hierarchy

Performance & Scalability Features & Enhancements 

\*Sideband MySQL Database Support
FEATURE: Improve archive performance when you search and restore files with a sideband database.
BENEFIT : Improve samfsdump performance for retrieving and restoring archive data faster than previous version of the software

More supported storage 

\*New Devices are now supported
FEATURE: The following devices are now qualified to work with Sun QFS and SAM-QFS.

--Sony CSM-20 library
--IBM and HP LT04 tape drives
--Quantum DLT-S4 tape drive
--ACSLS 7.2 and ACSLS 7.3
--Sony Super AIT tape drive
--HP SL24 and SL48 libraries
--Sun VTL and VTL 2.0 with the following drives:
--HP LT03
--IBM LT03
--STK 9940B
--STK 9840B
--STK 9840 tape drive, standard and VOLSAFE
--SL3000 library, including partitioning
--Fujitsu NML270 and NML250 libraries
--IBM 3592 700 GB tape
--STK T10KB tape drive, standard and VOLSAFE
--IBM and HP LT04 WORM
--Spectra Logic Python Series libraries (T950/380/200/120/T50/T50e) creating Archive Volume Pools.

BENEFIT: More storage devices can be supported by these file systems

Call to Action 

- Download 5.0 software today 

- Join the SAM-QFS Interest alias

- See for yourself how easy it is to set up an archiving file system 

Monday Mar 17, 2008

Move over St. Patrick, March 17th is officially SAM's day.

Its hard to believe it was just about a year ago when Sun announced it would open source all Storage Software IP. Since then significant contributions have been made to the OpenSolaris storage community. These include a CIFS server, Comstar, and others can be found here:

No single contribution has been so eagerly anticipated or misunderstood as the effort to open source SAM and QFS. So for me this is a major milestone for all those involved in making this a reality. Thanks to the dedicated persistence of the SAMQFS engineering team as this was a significant drain on resources that could have been deployed developing new features .

Unlike other OpenSolaris projects, SAM and QFS are software products marketed and sold by Sun and its partners since 2001. The software has many commercial users in medical, media & entertainment, government, manufacturing, financial services, education that benefit from the services this software provides.

SAM or the Storage Archive Manager software is key to Sun's archive strategy today. A few weeks ago, Sun made some noise about new archive systems including a customer ready system that embeds this SAM and QFS in a tiered storage architecture. Way ahead of its time in the mid 90's, SAM still provides users with an innovative way to transparently or virtually manage data across different tiers of storage including tape differentiating it from 'disk' only tiered solutions.

QFS provides users with a shared file system that's ideal for intensive environments. Commercial users with high performance computing requirements will benefit from the seamless transfer between the compute and storage nodes and long term data retention with SAM.

Together this dynamic duo are used to deliver an amazing number of storage solutions that leverage commodity server and storage hardware and help drive Solaris adoption in the data center.

So what exactly does this mean for Sun?
First it shows that we're committed to being open. It's a strategy that affects they way we work, think about, and market technologies and products we offer. As a result, Sun is changing the storage marketplace. Unlike other vendors, Sun's storage software stack is open and with these major source contributions, Solaris gets even more interesting as a storage OS on which to build storage systems or appliances.

What does this mean for the Storage Community?
Storage developers and deployers interested in these technologies will find more than access to the source code when they participate in the OpenSolaris storage community for this software. You can dialog directly with the SAM/QFS engineering team as they develop new features. As a member of the community you can influence the direction for this software only when you participate so join the OpenSolaris storage community today!

What does this mean for Sun customers?
Sun customers will benefit from more choice, value and innovation that comes from open software and open standards. For commercial users of this software, a binary version of the software is available with a Sun standard software license, RTUs and Sun services for a FEE.




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