Friday May 01, 2009

WOWW - Womens Opening Walleye Weekend

Well its that time of year. Fishing season officially opens in Wisconsin this weekend.  I'm getting ready to head north with a friend where we'll gather with more girl friends from across the country in Cable, wisconsin for an annual event that we now call WOWW - Womens Opening Walleye Weekend.

We don't really fish...well there was a time when some of us did fish, but its more about getting away from our lives in the city and heading north to a cabin on a lake where we can sit around a camp fire, laugh until it hurts, share our stories and of course, eat great food and drink lots of gin....

Oh, and of course we'll take a pontoon ride on the lake and who knows one of us might even drop and line or two to see what we can catch besides a hangover. 

Monday Apr 27, 2009

Sock knitting is magic

Who would have thought that after only a few short weeks I would be knitting socks on a magic loop. Not I. Being left-handed, I believed knitting was another right handed conspiracy designed to keep lefties out. I imagined having to learn to knit the opposite way from right handed people. I imagined having to find specialized needles and patterns. Why did I wait so long to try? There is no conspiracy. I can knit. I'm good at it. Now, mind you I've only made mittens and socks and well I have made a few hats too. But I'm truly intrigued with making socks. 

I knitted for the first time on an airplane a few weeks ago. I was attempting my first pair of socks on double point needles. The B-Man next to me on the plane commented that it would be cheaper to just buy the socks. I told him he was missing the point, but I didn't explain it to him because I knew he still wouldn't understand. How do you explain the brain shift that knitting ignites. The calm. The focus. Its every bit as challenging as a cross word puzzle or sudoko or painting or some other skill that keeps your mind sharp and your hands busy, plus you get a bonus...socks you can wear, give as a gift or simply donate back to the community. I've got quite a collection started for the Church Holiday Boutique next year.  Well, I have to have something to do with the stock pile of yarn I've been gathering.....but that's a story for next time.

Wednesday Mar 18, 2009

What is it about St. Patrick's day that lights a fire under me to write here

It begins to feel like spring in Minnesota on St. Patrick's day. Last Sunday was the Day of Irish Dancing at the Landmark Center in St. Paul. Our Katie is becoming a great Irish Step Dancer. I'm so proud of her.

Katie's Irish Dance Group 

On St. Patty's day we stopped by Keegan's for a pub lunch and a pint. We captured Gregor sharing a tale about his first adventure in Ireland. 

Gregor's Irish Memories 

Enjoy and Happy St. Patty's day until next year! 



Tuesday May 20, 2008

The Blue Cabin

Ahh the blue cabin. Nothing makes the week go by more quickly then when we're looking forward to a weekend at the blue cabin.  A collective sigh of relief as we cross the river into Wisconsin. Work stress drips off my shoulders as Minnesota fades from view and we begin to weave across Wisconsin on our way to the blue cabin. Campfires, smores, gin and tonics, pontoon rides, northern lights - I think I'm in heaven. Ahhh the blue cabin.  Thanks Deb and Greg!



Tuesday Feb 05, 2008

A beautiful night in St. Paul for a Parade

What is it about downtown St. Paul that it takes a parade in the dead of winter at night to get people into the city. This year's St. Paul Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade was no exception. This happens to be the second year that I've walked in the parade with my daughter, a St. Paul Irish Dancer. Last year it was minus 3 degrees below zero. The parade was shortened considerably because of the extreme cold, but we paraded three quarters of the way until my daughter's eyes were so teary from the cold that she couldn't see. We quickly ducked into the skyway system for relief from the cold.

This year, however it was a balmy twenty-nine degrees. We paraded up to the last two blocks when the sound of the King of the West Winds gunfire was so loud that my daughter stopped dancing and started crying. We found refuge as bystanders with some good friends that have been loyal to the torchlight parade for years.

I won't bore you with all the carnival lore, but its a crazy hedonistic mythology including characters called Vulcans that run around in red suits and capes and mark their victims (mostly women and children) with a black grease paint 'V' for Vulcan or Victory over snow and ice. And though their image over the years has become rather tainted (they're working on this with the same agency that is trying to change the Twin Cities image from two distinct cities with a healthy rivalry to something more friendly to encourage more tourism), there are folks lined up every year that are ready, willing and able to fork over the dollars and time to become one of these red devils. As a decendent of the Vulcan Crew, I can understand the appeal. The year before my mom and dad married In 1954, my dad disguised himself for two weeks to become Baron Hot Sparkus, commander of the Lancer's Legion and Stocker of Emotion. The 'SPARK PLUG' of the Vulcan Krewe. Hail Vulcan! Until next year.
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