Thursday May 10, 2007

trip on ireland - work

To be honest, I did not think I can finish some work during the one and half month in Dublin office. ZhaoZhou once said, business trip will not be easy, work may turn into only thing you can do, now I should say that is true.

This is sun office in Dublin, where we work for one and a half month.

Work in face-to-face is most effective way, things are done very quickly, much better than email and IRC. And hence, my communication ability has been improved.

Work closely with senior guys make me full of passion, of course learn a lot. Harry is a push guy, he is always telling you what you need do, I'm a quesion guy, dare not to ask silly questions. :)That makes me learn a lot. Of course, continuously ask same question is not good, I think I'm not that person. :):):) Here, I worked well with Ghee Tao, and finished ospm demo, check out

The write board, Ghee and me wrote on it

Discussed with Calum Benson about OpenSync GUI, which is almost done. I get touch with OpenSync community, and will send out to community the design for discussion. I'm ready to start developing the new GUI, hope will get one usable version in one or two months.

This is my cubicle

Fixed several vino and gnome-keyring bugs belong to me. Fixed bunch of bugs on Anjuta project. and those patches are almost accepted by community, plan to apply check in permission after I fix several more bugs.

Get in touch the author of RAB to see whether it can help vino in accessibility. I will evaluate it when new version is available.


trip on ireland - food

Dublin have many varieties of restaurants, most popular are Italy, India and Chinese. In my previous trip to US, I did not get well with the wast food, cheese and sweet made my stomach bad. But this time does not, maybe because we could find many Chinese restaurants to adjust.

Almost every Irish will mention Guinness beer, I do like Guinness, that's why I went to Guinness storehouse twice.

See, lots of people are waiting to enter. The ticket is 14 Euro for Adult, and 9.5 for student. You can get a fresh jot and enjoy whole Dublin city on the top of factory.

Breakfast: we ate things bought from supper market, bread, instant noodle, dumpling and pizza. There are two Chinese supper markets nearby our apartment, Asia market and Eastern market. Asia market is bigger, but will be closed at 7:00pm, which need us buy things at weekend. And we often go to Dunner Store, a Ireland local supermarket.
For lunch, we eat sandwich at office, which is quick and okay.
And for Dinner, we tried different restaurant, but after half a month, the biggest question is where to eat. The issue annoys us lots.

The 66 restaurant, we went there lots times.

Damien recommended us a Thai restaurant called Chili Club, which is good, we went there twice.

India food:

How to order is very a difficult thing for us, we do not know what it tastes like, so the tricky thing is we order different thing and share.

trip on ireland - traffic

We lived in South West of city center, and Sun office is North East of Dublin, there is about 5-6 kilometers, not very long compared in Beijing. Here I'm going to show you how to get to office daily.

The normal route happened everyday:
Apartment         -- Tara street dart station (by foot, 20 mins)
Tara                  -- Clontarf Road (by dart, 10 mins)
Clontarf Road   -- office (by bus offered by East point park, 5 mins)
Count some waiting time, almost spend 50mins.

The best traffic tool is by foot, what we Chinese say 11 road. Traffic is not good, maybe big city always has this problem. We walked a lot, almost 5 kilometers in total one day. I do not think it is a bad thing, we can meet lots of things on the road. People here walk very fast, whatever man or woman, I could not catch at the beginning, but now, heihei, I'm one of them.

Two layer bus is special in Dublin, we bought a monthly adult ticket, it servers train and bus. Almost each bus will go to city center, where is bad traffic and I need not go there for work. Interesting thing is bus stop board only shows several big stops, for visitor like me, I must ask each bus whether they go to my place.
There is tour bus, this will take you almost every popular attraction in Dublin every 10 mins, very convenient. But I did not take it.

We did not take bus much, the most common thing we take the bus happened when the dart is out of service. We only need take 2 stops on dart, but we met more than three times out of service or breakdown. Then we must get off on Conolly stop, and go to city center for bus. Good thing is we can eat Chinese food since we need go across China Town.
See, Zhaozhou and Harry is looking for where we should take off. There are two kinds of trains, Dart is green and Commuter is blue, Commuter does not stop at Clontarf Road, we did not take it.

This is the park bus take us between office and dart.

There is another train on the street called Luas, but we did not take it.

trip on ireland -forward

Ireland, one of top ten livable countries for human being, when I talked to my friends I'll go to Ireland for several months, they'll give admiration eyes on me, and here I come. It's my honor one member of ERI star of 2006 and I get a chance to work in Sun's office in Dublin for one and a half month.

We spent almost 24 hours on travel from Beijing to Dublin, stayed for such a long 6 hours in Frankfurt airport. We were exhausting when I settled down on Hotel. Harry and I spent one week in Hotel, then moved to an apartment that company rent.

To be honest, I do not like Dublin at the first sight. This city is dirty, people are smoking everywhere on the roads, lots of dog-end can be found in public area; Drivers are crazy, they always give quick stop just before the stop line, which I was too scared to go across road even the light is green for people; everything is expensive, calculated to RMB, I won't buy anything.

But after a time living here, after we have chance to go outside of Dublin city in the weekends, I know why people love Ireland. God give such a big green, plain grand to Ireland, the air is 100 times cleaner than that of Beijing. I'll give show you what I think for Dublin, what I think for Ireland with words and pictures.

Some of photos are on

Sunday May 06, 2007

trip on ireland - road show

This are lots of shows on the road, not just begger, it is interest, we can not see it on Beijing road, show some pictures here.

trip on ireland - funny

Here I shows some funny pictures I took:

Cool bicycle:

Clibming in office:

Two Yuan shop is not only for China:

Bill's 40 years car

Lost finding:

Sexy chair:

A tired tour:

Five cool people:

Election posters:

trip on ireland - attractions - Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle:


trip on ireland - attractions - Glendalough


trip on ireland - attractions - Cliffs of moher

Cliffs of moher:

Howth harbor:

trip on ireland - attractions - Bray


trip on ireland - statue

On the streets, you could meet lots of statues, show some here:

Naked girl in front of restuarunt:

Music and Dancer:

Irish women raise germany baby after World War II:

Two old men:

Trinity college:

The Spire:

horse and man:

Standing man:

Happy girl:


Reading man and girl:

trip on ireland - building and street


Bank of Ireland:

Temple Bar:

Rock Road:





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