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Using JDeveloper & with Subversion 1.7

Duncan Mills

This issue has come up a couple of times this week and has also be raised on the OTN JDeveloper Forum, so it seemed to be worth a quick public-service announcement.  

Subversion 1.7 introduces changes (AKA complete re-write) into the way that working copies are stored, the implication of this is that a 1.6 client and a 1.7 client cannot operate again the same working copy on a developer's workstation. 

Current versions of JDeveloper's SVN support contain 1.6 client code, so if you are mixing and matching JDeveloper and SVN / Tortoise command line operations you will run into trouble. 

e.g. The following sequence of operations will fail:

  1. Checkout working copy from the command line with the svn 1.7 client
  2. Make updates and attempt to checkin from JDeveloper 

However, the following should work:

  1. Checkout working copy from JDeveloper 
  2. Make updates and checkin from JDeveloper 

As will:

  1. Checkout working copy from the command line with the svn 1.7 client
  2. Disable the JDeveloper SVN plugin - (Versioning -> Configure -> Uncheck - Versioning Support for Subversion )
  3. Make updates  to existing files only from JDeveloper
  4. Commit / Add / Delete operations from Command line svn 1.7 client. 

Obviously, for convenience and because some operations such as refactoring need to issue SVN commands I'd recommend that, if using a 1.7 repository, you carry out all operations including the initial checkout from within the IDE.  

As a general guidance if you are going to upgrade your repository (and my further advice would be not to upgrade at the moment if your primary client is JDeveloper) I'd recommend that you clean up any outstanding transactions before the upgrade, and then, once the server is up to 1.7, do a clean checkout from JDeveloper and stick to working within that environment.

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