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  • March 15, 2021

Upgrading the Sample R13 SaaS LightBlue Theme for Visual Builder 21.04

Duncan Mills

If you have upgraded to Visual Builder 21.04 and have applications that use the sample R13 SaaS LightBlue theme from an earlier version, then you will need to go through a simple upgrade process before trying to run the application under Visual Builder 21.04  Just to explain, when there is a jump in the version of the Oracle JET UI toolkit between two versions of Visual Builder then any custom themes need to be re-generated. The good news is that we've done the hard work for you and you'll just need to go thought the following simple steps to consume this new version of the theme.

Note that you can carry out these steps, even before your Visual Builder instance is migrated to 21.04 all you need to do in that case is to skip the final step until after the upgrade has taken place. Also note that if you create a new application in 21.04 with this SaaS LightBlue theme template it will automatically have the correct theme files and you will not have to carry out these steps. 

Step 1: Download the updated version of the theme files from GITHub 

Step 2: Open your Application, expand the WebApp in question and right mouse click on the resources/css node.  Choose the Import option and select the ApplicationsCloudUI.zip file you have downloaded, then press the Import button.

Make sure you are importing into the /resources/css sub-folder as shown here.

Step 3:  Select the application in the navigator and open its Application Settings panel. In the Theme select list, select the new 4.1.1 theme as shown here (version number may update over time):


For reference

  • Visual Builder 19.1 (JET 6 runtime): use 1.1.0 of the theme
  • Visual Builder 19.3 (JET 7 runtime): use 2.0.0 of the theme
  • Visual Builder 19.4 (JET 8 runtime): use 3.0.1 of the theme
  • Visual Builder 20.10 (JET 9 runtime): use 4.0.0 of the theme
  • Visual Builder 21.04 (JET 9.2 runtime): use 4.1.1 of the theme

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