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    June 7, 2017

Custom JET Component Learning Path

Duncan Mills

Welcome to my series of articles on Oracle JET Custom Components. If you are new to this technology then it's a great idea to follow the series in order to build up your knowledge in a structured fashion. Otherwise, just dip in!

Remember if you have technical questions about architecting, writing or using  Custom JET Components then you can post your question on the OTN JET Forum, I'll see it there.

This whole series of articles is maintained as a set of living documents and updated over time as things move forward. Each article will have a last updated indicator at the top of the file so you can see how current the information is. 

Index of Articles

  1. Introduction
  2. Your First Custom Component - A Tutorial
  3. Composite Conventions and Standards
  4. Attributes, Properties and Data
  5. Events
  6. Methods
  7. The Lifecycle
  8. Slotting Part 1
  9. Slotting Part 2
  10. Custom Property Parsing
  11. Metadata Extensibility
  12. Advanced Loader Scripts
  13. Deferred UI Loading
  14. Using <oj-module> in Custom Components
  15. Language Support
  16. Custom Components in Form Layouts
  17. Element IDs in Custom Components
  18. Labelled Form Fields
  19. Component Sub-Properties
  20. Working With Properties Safely
  21. Optimizing for performance
  22. Slotting Part 3 -Template Slots
  23. Advanced Components - JET Packs Part 1
  24. Advanced Components - JET Packs Part 2
  25. Advanced Components - Resource Components

The Web Components Techniques Series

  1. Finesse the Component Lifecycle
  2. Calling VBCS Defined Service Endpoints

Version-by-Version Upgrade Notes

  1. Composite Components - changes in JET 4.1.0
  2. Custom Components - changes in JET 4.2.0
  3. Custom Components - changes in JET 5.0.0
  4. Custom Components - changes in JET 6.0.0
  5. Custom Components - changes in JET 7.0.0

Bonus Articles on Custom JET Components

  1. JQuery Style Selectors Inside of Composite Components
  2. Composite Components and JET 4.0
  3. How to design your CCA properties
  4. Custom Components in Visual Builder