Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Meet the ADF Enablement Team

You may know some us of (or at least the names), but I wanted to introduce you to the ADF Enablement team and give you an insight into what we do.  We are part of the Oracle ADF Product Management group and our remit is the successful enablement of ADF.  So what does that really mean?  Well as product managers we are focused on the success of the product, but specifically we are tasked with helping customers and developers adopt, learn and ultimately be successful with Oracle ADF.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to do this.  The first is the reactive support and help of customers.  So for example, many of us are engaged with internal (remember, ADF is used for many of our internal systems including Fusion Apps) and external customers.  This might involve code reviews, architecture reviews, helping on escalated issues with Support, developing workarounds, logging bugs, suggesting enhancements and answering forum posts.

Now, the problem with that is there are only so many customers we can engage with at any one time, so we try to scale up our enablement through proactive initiatives.  So things like ADF Code Corner, ADF Insider and ADF Insider Essentials, ADF Architecture Square and our Advanced ADF Ecourse are developed from within this team.  Future proactive initiatives also include a live ADF Architecture course, ADF Faces Usability course and two new ecourses (in a new format) for mobile and Java.

You'll also find us globetrotting and turning up at various events.  You'll usually find at least one of us at an Oracle user group near you (if not, just ask us!) and we're often the trainers delivering live classes and education for internal and external customers.  Oh, and we've published books on Web Center and ADF and have regular columns in various Oracle and user group magazines.

So, that's what we do, now to meet the team.  We're a globally diverse team but late in 2012 we managed to find ourselves all in the same country, and infact, in the same pub and here is the picture to prove it.











The team is, from left to right:

  • Susan Duncan (UK) - who runs the Mobile program office, setting up developers who want to develop mobile applications
  • Chris Muir (AUS) - our APAC ADF guru and co-founder of the ADF EMG
  • Frederic Desbiens (CA) - our newest member who brings a wealth of real world ADF development experience
  • Lynn Munsinger (US) - the brains behind Fusion Order Demo and also runs the team* who develop OU courses and tutorials
  • Grant Ronald (UK) - I have the pleasure of managing this group of wonderful individuals, and anything Forms/ADF
  • Frank Nimphius (DE) - All round ADF-meister and font of all ADF knowledge.

So next time you pick up an ADF developer guide, code sample, book or attend a training course, it might be one of the ADF Enablement team who has had a hand in it.

* And a call out to Lynn's team: Gary Williams, DeDe Morton and Jeff Gallus.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2011

Your Chance to Change the ADF Future

One of my roles at Oracle is to look at how our internal and external customers are using Oracle ADF and help them succeed.  That success might be how you can convince your management to use ADF, it could be training a group of new developers or it might a developer successfully building an ADF application.

So how can we help you be successful?  There are many ways:  it might be on demand training, on site training, white papers, blogs or books.  The question I want to know is what will make you successful with Oracle ADF, and how can we help you.

To better understand your needs and how we can help, I've set up an ADF Survey.  This should probably take less than five minutes to complete but will shape how we can help you.  The survey focuses on some general topics and delivery mechanism for enablement.  This survey is not looking for feedback specifically on the ADF software or JDeveloper (lets take one step at a time).

I'd urge you to take this opportunity to shape how we can help you be successful and please pass the link on and blog/tweet it - the more data we have the better the vision of how we can help.

Friday Sep 30, 2011

Off to Oracle World and Why You Need to Pre-Register for Sessions!

Sunday I'm catching an early flight to San Francisco for the conference of the year, Oracle World.  Its a packed few days for me.  I'm literally off the plane, baggage, customs and then straight to the Moscone Center for the ADF EMG day.

Monday I have customer meetings, demo grounds and two presentations.  Tuesday, same again! By Wednesday all my sessions have been delivered so I might try and catch some of the other ADF and Forms presentations, although I have a 3 1/2 hour stint on the Forms demo ground.  Then Thursday its back home....oh, and there are a few parties to "meet and greet" each night.

So its going to be a pretty full on few days but its all worth while when I see how many people are pre-registered for my sessions.  Nearly 350 pre-registered for "Getting Started with Oracle ADF: What You Need to Know". "Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development with Oracle ADF" is already over 50% subscribed and both "What's Your Choice for Oracle Forms: Modernize, Upgrade, Integrate, or Migrate?" and "Redeveloping a Forms Application in Oracle ADF: A Case Study" have over 160 pre-registrations between them.

The lesson here is that if you really do want to see one of these sessions, get pre-registered.  Otherwise you might be disappointed...of course can you just turn up but you only get in once all of the pre-registered line gets seated first.

Wednesday Sep 14, 2011

61 JDeveloper and ADF Sessions over 4 days!

I've just seen the schedule for Oracle World and there are 61 sessions on Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF, you read it right, 61 sessions!!  The quality of the sessions and speakers should mean that if you have any interest in Oracle ADF then you really must try and get yourself to Oracle World this year.  Its just a pity I'm spending most of my time presenting, demo ground duty or customer meetings; I'd love to be at some (all!) of these sessions.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

Preregistration at my Oracle World Sessions

I've got a busy Oracle World 2011 this year with 4 sessions at which I am presenting.  These sessions are open for pre-registration and its good to see over 100 people already registered to attend.

  • Getting Started with Oracle ADF: What You Need to Know 
  • What's Your Choice for Oracle Forms: Modernize, Upgrade, Integrate, or Migrate? 
  • Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development with Oracle ADF
  • Redeveloping a Forms Application in Oracle ADF: A Case Study

There is going to be some great content this year.  Some of the sessions I would love to attend (if I can!) will be

  • Push to the Limit: Rich and Proactive User Interfaces with Oracle ADF
  • Angels in the Architecture: An Oracle Application Development Framework Architectural Blueprint
  • Four Ways to Transition from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF Conference Session 
  • Real-World Performance Tuning for Oracle ADF Applications

There is also a FULL ADF day on the Sunday.  If you are involved in Oracle ADF projects (or will be) I think this is about the best way you could spend your training budget.


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