Thursday Oct 20, 2011

Oracle Forms and Reports New Release !

Yes, you heard right (and I told you so!) Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports 11g Release 2 has been published on OTN.  Forms and Reports 11gR2 is based on WebLogic Server 11gR1 (10.3.5) and the underlying Fusion Middleware 11gR2 ( tech stack.

There is a new features document outlining the new features in this release.  The main points being integration with Oracle Access Manager, a reduced installation footprint and some new builder features as well.

You can get full details from the Forms page on OTN.

Thursday Sep 22, 2011

Reusing Forms Business Logic as a Web Service

As people look to modernize their Oracle Forms investment, one of the common issues is how to expose Forms logic to another technology.  For example, a Forms application might have complex Forms and database logic for querying a customer and then returning their credit history.  Now, if you wanted to call that logic from, say Java, how could you do it?  Would you have to refactor all of the code out of Forms into some common place such as a web service?

Well it looks like at least one Oracle partner has found a novel way of tackling this problem.  Their solution allows you to first of all record the data input into the Forms application and the actions performed on that data.  This then results in a parameterised file which acts as the interface between the Forms runtime and a web service.  The web service can then pass its own data values (maybe from an ADF application or a mobile application) into that "interface" which then "injects" the same scenario back into the Forms runtime, but with different data values, into the Forms runtime.  So, rather than the user pressing buttons and inputting data from the Forms client, this web service is acting like a Forms client/user.

Of course, the real proof is how this works in a real scenario with many logic triggers and UI interactions, but this might be a solution to explosing complex Forms logic to the outside world.

Tuesday Sep 20, 2011

Time to Modernize Your Forms Investment?

Did you know that at the end of 2011 Oracle Form 10g will move out of premier support.  This means you have a number of decisions to make regarding on your future with Oracle Forms and how you might move, or modernize.  Oracle has kicked off a campaign to get you thinking about your options.  You can click here for more details.

Thursday Aug 25, 2011

Oracle Forms 11g Admin Course live and running in...

I'm pleased to announce that a new Forms 11g Admin course (formally called Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Administer Forms Services) is now live and a delivery is scheduled for the 28th September in Chicago.  This course will cover topics such as :

  • Installation
  • Managing domains and servers
  • Deploying Forms applications
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Troubleshooting
Click here to get more details of the course.  Please note, that depending on your browser settings/location you might not see the 28th September event.  If not, search on "Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g: Administer Forms Services" in the search box or drop me an email....

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

Preregistration at my Oracle World Sessions

I've got a busy Oracle World 2011 this year with 4 sessions at which I am presenting.  These sessions are open for pre-registration and its good to see over 100 people already registered to attend.

  • Getting Started with Oracle ADF: What You Need to Know 
  • What's Your Choice for Oracle Forms: Modernize, Upgrade, Integrate, or Migrate? 
  • Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development with Oracle ADF
  • Redeveloping a Forms Application in Oracle ADF: A Case Study

There is going to be some great content this year.  Some of the sessions I would love to attend (if I can!) will be

  • Push to the Limit: Rich and Proactive User Interfaces with Oracle ADF
  • Angels in the Architecture: An Oracle Application Development Framework Architectural Blueprint
  • Four Ways to Transition from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF Conference Session 
  • Real-World Performance Tuning for Oracle ADF Applications

There is also a FULL ADF day on the Sunday.  If you are involved in Oracle ADF projects (or will be) I think this is about the best way you could spend your training budget.

Tuesday Aug 23, 2011

Modernize an Oracle Forms UI

A question came up on the ODTUG forums today about redeveloping an existing Forms application because the UI looked dated.  The question is something that I hear a lot and so I wrote an article discussing the pros, cons and case studies.  This article was first published in the ODTUG Technical Journal.

So if you are considering rewriting a Forms application because you think it looks dated you may want to first of all read this.

Tuesday Aug 09, 2011

Oracle Forms resizable JTable and other neat Java Beans

One of the most common question I get about Forms new features is "will you have a JTable style of component?"  The answer has always been that we give you the ability to hook in any Java bean to the UI, you just have to go and do it.

So, its been good to see Gert Poel from iAdvise has published a video on his sortable and switchable multi row table.  He has also submitted a couple of videos showing drag and drop file upload and googlemap integration into Forms.

Great job and I hope it serves as inspiration of what you can achieve with Forms and PJC/Beans.

Wednesday Jun 15, 2011

Which Development Tool Should You Be Using??

This question comes up time and time again, should I be using ADF, JDeveloper, Java, Eclipse, Forms, Apex, Web Center?  Confused?
The UKOUG are running a Special event on the 22nd June in London with some of the leading experts in Oracle development.  The theme of the day is Oracle Development Tools Landscape and covers topics such as Forms migration, ADF as part of Oracle's Fusion initiative, customer experiences, SQL developer, Web Center and UI modernization.

The event is based in Oracle's City office in London on the 22nd June.  There are only a few places left for what should be a "sell out" event.  Please go to the link for the full agenda and registration details.

Friday Jun 03, 2011

Calling all Forms and ADF users in Scotland - free event!

Wednesday 8th June I'm in Edinburgh delivering 3 sessions at the Scottish Oracle user group.  This is a free event (yes, FREE) and I'll be covering a "Dummies Guide to ADF", "Forms to ADF: why, how and what skills do you need", and "ADF tips and tricks".

So if you have an investment in Oracle Forms, or are interested in Oracle ADF, the development framework Oracle is using  for much of their development, then this event might be for you.  I'm also going to check out "Forms to Apex a customer journey" and one of the Fusion sessions as well.  Should be a good event if you can make it along.

Tuesday May 10, 2011

Understanding what Oracle tools to use

A common question that comes up from customers is "which Oracle tool should I be using?" Forms? ADF? Apex? and then throw into the mix Web Center, BPM, SOA, SQL Developer! To address the common questions, and to no doubt kick off some lively debate, the UKOUG are running an "Oracle Development Tools Landscape" SIG on the 22nd of June in the Oracle London City office. This event will be a mix of strategy, demo and customer use cases and includes some a leading experts on Oracle Development tools - from both inside and outside of Oracle. You can register for the event here: here

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