Tuesday Dec 10, 2013

Understanding Oracle's Mobily Strategy - webinar with Gartner

Mobile has been a topic that has been making a buzz around the conferences over the past year so it is good to hear Oracle's official position.  On Thursday 12th December there will be a webinar held jointly with Gartner to discuss

  • Oracle's mobile strategy
  • The challenges of enterprise mobile development
  • How Oracle's Mobile Platform addresses those challenges

The webinar is free and you can register here.

Monday Oct 31, 2011

Download QuickStart Guide to Fusion Development Sample Code

My book, the QuickStart Guide to Fusion Development JDeveloper and Oracle ADF, includes a link to a sample application (https://qsfusionsample.samplecode.oracle.com/).  The hosting site I used is no longer available and so the sample application can be downloaded from here.

Monday Jul 04, 2011

Book review of Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development - Made Simpl

I've just finished reading Sten Vesterli's Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development Made Simple and here is my review of the book.

 First thing to note is that the book fills a new space in the Oracle ADF book market.  Rather than teaching you Oracle ADF, it assumes, for the most part, that you are already familiar with ADF and that you are looking to kick off a real project and want to know how to "do things right".  Having said that, the book isn't a guarentee to success, and to be fair, I don't think Sten is pitching the book as that, but what it does do is give you an awareness of the "real" things you are going to have to think about: estimating, breaking down your project, testing, packaging, naming conventions, version control etc etc.  Again, just because Sten tells you about setting up version control doesn't mean your going to get it right first time; but at least you'll be armed with a few nuggets of valuable information and some tales from the trenches.

So, the content and the topic are valuable, that's a given.  Sten's writing style is also, IMO, easily digestible.  Personally I find technical books a hard slog, but I managed all 350+ pages in about 2 days withoug reverting to a caffine overload.  To me that is very important.  I think its fair to say that sometimes technical books might not be breaking new ground (after all, for Oracle ADF we have thousands of pages of free on line help and developer guides) but this book brings together the key topics in a way that can be easily learned, referenced and used as the basis for a real ADF project.

Finally, anything in the book that didn't hit the spot?  To be honest, not really.  There were one or two chapters (security, Junit for example) where you just knew that you were going to have to do a lot more reading and hands on to get to know the topic - but as Sten points out, some topics can be complete books on their own.

So to summarise, well written book covering new topics on the ADF bookshelf so definitely worth considering.  Who would benefit best from the book?  Anyway who is already beyond the first 4-5 months of ADF learning and is looking to understand how real ADF applications are build and the considerations for a real project.  All in all a great complement to the existing Oracle ADF books and worth adding to your bookshelf.

Friday Jul 01, 2011

Reviewing Orace ADF Enterprise Application Development Made Simple Book

Although I was a technical reviewer of Oracle ADF Enterprise Application Development-Made Simple (by Sten Vesterli) it is nice to get the finished article in your hands as a real tangible book.

Personally, on a sun lounger with a Dan Brown book I can read 300 pages a day, but technical books are a different beast and I find it hard to get through them with the same vigour.  However, I'm up to chapter 7 in Sten's book and so far it's holding my interest.  He writes in an almost conversational tone and I really like the comparisons to "real world" concepts - like page templates being like gingerbread cookie cutters.  Personally I like to be able to compare or size up a new concept against something I already know.

I'll post a full review next week but the good news is 212 pages in and I'm still reading!


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