Monday Jan 21, 2013

ADF Developer Guides on Kindle

Just incase anyone missed this (and, ahem, I did as well) we publish Kindle ready formats of the various ADF Developer Guides.  Simply go to the HTML version of the guide and in the top right hand corner is a link to "mobi" - you simly copy this on to your Kindle and you have ADF Developer Guides on the move...perfect holiday reading! ;o)

Friday Jan 18, 2013

More Mobile Handson Sessions - this time Denver

My team have been involved in rolling out a number of hands on Mobile Application development sessions in the past months and February sees Lynn Munsinger running a mobile hands-on session at the RMOUG.  Mobile is without doubt one of the hottest technology challenges/opportunities for business at the moment and this is a great chance to get some real hands-on experiences of developing on-device applications for Android and iOS.

Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Meet the ADF Enablement Team

You may know some us of (or at least the names), but I wanted to introduce you to the ADF Enablement team and give you an insight into what we do.  We are part of the Oracle ADF Product Management group and our remit is the successful enablement of ADF.  So what does that really mean?  Well as product managers we are focused on the success of the product, but specifically we are tasked with helping customers and developers adopt, learn and ultimately be successful with Oracle ADF.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to do this.  The first is the reactive support and help of customers.  So for example, many of us are engaged with internal (remember, ADF is used for many of our internal systems including Fusion Apps) and external customers.  This might involve code reviews, architecture reviews, helping on escalated issues with Support, developing workarounds, logging bugs, suggesting enhancements and answering forum posts.

Now, the problem with that is there are only so many customers we can engage with at any one time, so we try to scale up our enablement through proactive initiatives.  So things like ADF Code Corner, ADF Insider and ADF Insider Essentials, ADF Architecture Square and our Advanced ADF Ecourse are developed from within this team.  Future proactive initiatives also include a live ADF Architecture course, ADF Faces Usability course and two new ecourses (in a new format) for mobile and Java.

You'll also find us globetrotting and turning up at various events.  You'll usually find at least one of us at an Oracle user group near you (if not, just ask us!) and we're often the trainers delivering live classes and education for internal and external customers.  Oh, and we've published books on Web Center and ADF and have regular columns in various Oracle and user group magazines.

So, that's what we do, now to meet the team.  We're a globally diverse team but late in 2012 we managed to find ourselves all in the same country, and infact, in the same pub and here is the picture to prove it.











The team is, from left to right:

  • Susan Duncan (UK) - who runs the Mobile program office, setting up developers who want to develop mobile applications
  • Chris Muir (AUS) - our APAC ADF guru and co-founder of the ADF EMG
  • Frederic Desbiens (CA) - our newest member who brings a wealth of real world ADF development experience
  • Lynn Munsinger (US) - the brains behind Fusion Order Demo and also runs the team* who develop OU courses and tutorials
  • Grant Ronald (UK) - I have the pleasure of managing this group of wonderful individuals, and anything Forms/ADF
  • Frank Nimphius (DE) - All round ADF-meister and font of all ADF knowledge.

So next time you pick up an ADF developer guide, code sample, book or attend a training course, it might be one of the ADF Enablement team who has had a hand in it.

* And a call out to Lynn's team: Gary Williams, DeDe Morton and Jeff Gallus.

Wednesday Jan 16, 2013

ADF Coding and Project Standards Guidelines

For anyone embarking on an ADF development project you might want to set up some standards relating to coding and application structure.  Chris Muir from my ADF Enablement team has been leading and initiative to document many of these standards.  As he noted, there is no "one size fits all", but it should give you a broad set of best practices to follow.  Something to ensure you have close to habd when starting your next ADF project.

Friday Jan 11, 2013

UKOUG - Everthing you wanted to know about developing mobile applications

UKOUG are running an awesome special interest group on mobile development.  The ability to run and access enterprise applications on smartphones and tablets is probably the hottest development topic right now and its great to see the UKOUG dedicating a full day on this.  This is not just about a specific product but is aimed at the whole development experience of building for mobile and tablet.  Its the 5th of Feb at the Oracle offices in Birmingham. Places are limited so register your interest with the UKOUG as soon as possible.


Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Learn ADF, Mobile and FMW online - Virtual Developer Day Dec 11th 2012

We are running an online Virtual Developer Day on Tuesday 11th of December from 9am GMT.  A range of topics including ADF, Mobile, BI, Portal and BPM.  And you can chat live to Oracle Product Managers as well.  I'll be one of them!  It is free to sign up.

Tuesday Nov 13, 2012

Mobile Application development - get hands on at UKOUG

Development of mobile solutions is one of the hottest topics in the IT market at the moment.  Forbes predicts that mobile application development with outstrip native PC development by 4-1 by 2015.  I'm therefor delighted to announce that the UKOUG and Oracle have synch'd up to provide a rolling 3 day hands-on Mobile development lab at the UKOUG conference this year.

We're setting up a lab of 10 Mac machines in which you will be able to develop iOS on-device applications.  And the great thing is, if you want to develop for Android, its the same lab as well!  Just think, write once and deploy to iOS or Android.

 We know places will be limited so we are going to be putting in place a first-come-first-served booking system.  Walk-ups will be allowed only if places are free.

This is your chance to start skilling up on the hottest development initiative in years.


p.s you have to be registered for the conference to attend.

Monday Nov 05, 2012

ADF Architecture Insider now published

I've just published a copy of Chris Muir's ADF Angels in the Architecture Oracle World presentation as an ADF Insider on our dedicated YouTube channel.  For those who are involved in the architectural decisions around ADF, this would be a good 80 minutes to spend with lunch one day.


Wednesday Oct 31, 2012

Is Oracle ADF Simpler than Oracle Forms - ODTUG Webinar

I'm delivering a webinar on "Is Oracle ADF Simpler Than Oracle Forms?" for ODTUG tomorrow 1st November.  The idea is to look at ADF with half an eye on how you might develop applications in Oracle Forms and compare the development experience.  You might be surprised! Full details of the webinar and registration are published on the ODTUG website.

Monday Oct 29, 2012

Real World ADF - another new ADF book hits the stands

I'm pleased to report that yet another Oracle ADF book hits the bookstores this month.  One of my fellow Product Managers, Jobinesh, has written Oracle ADF Real World Developer's Guide.  

I'm currently awaiting a copy for review and can't wait to get into this book.  Jobinesh is an incredibly smart and switched-on technical ADF guru and I'm convinced I'm going to learn a whole lot of tips and techniques from this book. Once I get my hands on a copy I'll be writing up a full review.

As someone who has written an Oracle ADF book already, I know the effort that goes into something like that, so well done Jobinesh.

Wednesday Oct 03, 2012

Oracle ADF at Oracle World, a short video!

It has been wall to wall ADF, JDeveloper, Fusion and Forms for me and thousands other at Oracle World this year.  For those not able to make it, I've put together a short video around Oracle ADF and the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group.  Now you know what I get up to when jet lagged at 2am in a hotel room at Oracle World!

Monday Sep 24, 2012

Oracle announces ADF Essentials release - Now ADF on Glassfish

Exciting news, we're announcing the release of ADF Essentials, the core of Oracle ADF as a free edition which can run on Glassfish.  Now if you want the productivity of ADF in your Java environment, you can.  You don't need WebLogic Server, and you don't have to pay for it either!  Full details of the announcement on OTN.

Thursday Sep 13, 2012

ADF training material now on the iPad

My team has developed about a weeks worth of ADF training material under the title ADF Insider and ADF Insider Essentials.  This has been available from our page on OTN.  But we are now loading all our content on YouTube as well so the content can now be accessed on iPads.  Over the next couple of weeks we'll also add these YouTube links to the OTN page but in the meantime, if you have an interest in ADF I strongly urge you to subscribe to our ADFInsiderEssentials YouTube Channel so you can be alerted when new content comes on line.

Please also leave comments, thumbs up/down, and let us know what content/topics you want...

Wednesday Sep 12, 2012

Hot Sessions for Oracle World 2012 - Cloud and Mobile Keynote

For those attending Oracle World 2012 Chris Tonas, VP of Application Development Tools, will be talking about Cloud and Mobile on Monday 1st Oct at 10:45am.  Having had a sneak preview of this session already is amazing to see how our development tools, specifically JDeveloper and Oracle ADF, are embracing mobile and cloud development.  If you want to know more, you'll have to come along to this session!

Friday Aug 24, 2012

ODTUG Hosting Webinar on ADF Best Practices.

I was pleased to hear that the ODTUG are putting on a webcast explaining some of the best practices for ADF Development.  While this is great topic, the fact that it is being delivered by one of the leading lights in the ADF community, Andrejus Baranovskis, means this is a "must not miss" event for ADF developers.  The webinar will be running on Tuesday 18th September and you can get full details from Andrejus' blog.

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