Thursday Dec 20, 2012

Mobile application development skilling up at UKOUG - New SIG in 2013

Earlier in the month the UKOUG ran a 3 day hands-on workshop at the main technology conference.  Nearly 100 people sat down and completed a lab in how to build an application to run on an iPhone.  Well based on that success, the UKOUG will be running a Development SIG specifically focused on how to develop for the Mobile platform.  The SIG is on the 5th of Feb in Oracle's offices near Birmingham and will feature presentations on native device development, ADF, Apex, even a tablet application which supports the Eurofighter.  Just think, launching missles from your iPad! - Joking aside, Mobile is one of the hotest development themes around and I would expect this session to be a sell out.

Wednesday Dec 19, 2012

ODTUG gives Forms developers and intro to Oracle ADF

I see Gert Poel is giving a presention on how a Forms Developer Immersed Himself in ADF.  Great to see ODTUG supporting the growing ADF community and members of that community sharing their experiences.  The webinar is on the 10th of January, registration link is here.

Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

ADF Producivity proof point

Shay posted an interesting insight into a "hackathon" we ran at HQ over the weekend.  Interesting to see how rich a mobile application these guys were able to develop with only 2 hours of ADF training!  If you were ever looking for a proof point on ADF productivity, look no further.

Oracle Forms 11gR2 Patch released - Java 7 Support

I'm pleased to announce that Oracle Forms 11gR2 patch 1 has been released.  Amongst other things, this brings us Linux 6 and client side JRE 1.7 support.  Please ensure you check the certification matrix and readme files before installing.

Friday Dec 14, 2012

ADF Real World Developers Guide Book Review

I'm half way through my review of "Oracle ADF Real World Developer's Guide" by Jobinesh Purushothaman - unfortunately some work deadlines de-railed me from having completed my review by now but here goes.  First thing, Jobinesh works in the Oracle Product Management team with me, so is a colleague. That declaration aside, its clear that this is someone who has done the "real world" side of ADF development and that comes out in the book.

In this book he addresses both the newbies and the experience developers alike.  He introduces the ADF building blocks like entity objects and view obejcts, but also goes into some of the nitty gritty details as well.  There is a pro and con to this approach; having only just learned about an entity or view object, you might then be blown away by some of the lower details of coding or lifecycle.  In that respect, you might consider this a book which you could read 3 or 4 times; maybe skipping some elements in the first read but on the next read you have a better grounding to learn the more advanced topics.

One of the key issues he addresses is breaking down what happens behind the scenes.  At first, this may not seem important since you trust the framework to do everything for you - but having an understanding of what goes on is essential as you move through development.  For example, page 58 he explains the full lifecycle of what happens when you execute a query.  I think this is a great feature of his book. You see this elsewhere, for example he explains the full lifecycle of what goes on when a page is accessed : which files are involved,the JSF lifecycle etc.
He also sprinkes the book with some best practices and advice which go beyond the standard features of ADF and really hits the mark in terms of "real world" advice.

So in summary, this is a great ADF book, well written and covering a mass of information.  If you are brand new to ADF its still valid given it does start with the basics.  But you might want to read the book 2 or 3 times, skipping the advanced stuff on the first read.  For those who have some basics already then its going to be an awesome way to cement your knowledge and take it to the next levels.  And for the ADF experts, you are still going to pick up some great ADF nuggets. 
Advice: every ADF developer should have one!

Thursday Dec 06, 2012

Learn ADF, Mobile and FMW online - Virtual Developer Day Dec 11th 2012

We are running an online Virtual Developer Day on Tuesday 11th of December from 9am GMT.  A range of topics including ADF, Mobile, BI, Portal and BPM.  And you can chat live to Oracle Product Managers as well.  I'll be one of them!  It is free to sign up.

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