Monday Jan 07, 2013

Best Practices for Integrating REST/SOAP Services into ADF.

We are often guilty of only demo'ing and documenting the Oracle ADF Business Components/Database side of development.  Of course, not all applications are based (directly) on a database.  Sometimes your application works only against a set of services.  This new ADF Insider recording explains some of the best pracitces for intgerating Web Services into Oracle ADF, including a discussion on wrapping them inside ADF Business Components.

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Tuesday Dec 18, 2012

ADF Producivity proof point

Shay posted an interesting insight into a "hackathon" we ran at HQ over the weekend.  Interesting to see how rich a mobile application these guys were able to develop with only 2 hours of ADF training!  If you were ever looking for a proof point on ADF productivity, look no further.

Friday Dec 14, 2012

ADF Real World Developers Guide Book Review

I'm half way through my review of "Oracle ADF Real World Developer's Guide" by Jobinesh Purushothaman - unfortunately some work deadlines de-railed me from having completed my review by now but here goes.  First thing, Jobinesh works in the Oracle Product Management team with me, so is a colleague. That declaration aside, its clear that this is someone who has done the "real world" side of ADF development and that comes out in the book.

In this book he addresses both the newbies and the experience developers alike.  He introduces the ADF building blocks like entity objects and view obejcts, but also goes into some of the nitty gritty details as well.  There is a pro and con to this approach; having only just learned about an entity or view object, you might then be blown away by some of the lower details of coding or lifecycle.  In that respect, you might consider this a book which you could read 3 or 4 times; maybe skipping some elements in the first read but on the next read you have a better grounding to learn the more advanced topics.

One of the key issues he addresses is breaking down what happens behind the scenes.  At first, this may not seem important since you trust the framework to do everything for you - but having an understanding of what goes on is essential as you move through development.  For example, page 58 he explains the full lifecycle of what happens when you execute a query.  I think this is a great feature of his book. You see this elsewhere, for example he explains the full lifecycle of what goes on when a page is accessed : which files are involved,the JSF lifecycle etc.
He also sprinkes the book with some best practices and advice which go beyond the standard features of ADF and really hits the mark in terms of "real world" advice.

So in summary, this is a great ADF book, well written and covering a mass of information.  If you are brand new to ADF its still valid given it does start with the basics.  But you might want to read the book 2 or 3 times, skipping the advanced stuff on the first read.  For those who have some basics already then its going to be an awesome way to cement your knowledge and take it to the next levels.  And for the ADF experts, you are still going to pick up some great ADF nuggets. 
Advice: every ADF developer should have one!

Wednesday Nov 28, 2012

Oracle ADF PMs are UKOUG Conference 2012

Next week we'll have a (what is a collection of PM's called, flock? gaggle?) of ADF Product Managers attending the UKOUG conference in Birmingham.  Myself, Frank Nimphius, Chris Muir, Susan Duncan, Frederic Desbiens and Duncan Mills will all be attending.  We'll be covering a range of sessions and if you have any questions you'd like to ask about Oracle tools development, technical questions, migration, Forms to ADF, futures, mobile, anything!, then come up and say hi.

Monday Nov 05, 2012

ADF Architecture Insider now published

I've just published a copy of Chris Muir's ADF Angels in the Architecture Oracle World presentation as an ADF Insider on our dedicated YouTube channel.  For those who are involved in the architectural decisions around ADF, this would be a good 80 minutes to spend with lunch one day.


Monday Oct 29, 2012

Real World ADF - another new ADF book hits the stands

I'm pleased to report that yet another Oracle ADF book hits the bookstores this month.  One of my fellow Product Managers, Jobinesh, has written Oracle ADF Real World Developer's Guide.  

I'm currently awaiting a copy for review and can't wait to get into this book.  Jobinesh is an incredibly smart and switched-on technical ADF guru and I'm convinced I'm going to learn a whole lot of tips and techniques from this book. Once I get my hands on a copy I'll be writing up a full review.

As someone who has written an Oracle ADF book already, I know the effort that goes into something like that, so well done Jobinesh.

Monday Oct 08, 2012

ADF Everywhere, even inside Robots!

Yes, you hear right! - ADF is used inside robots!  Duncan Mills gives a quick insight into an ADF project he was working on which is tape storage controlled by robots, controlled by ADF!

Monday Sep 24, 2012

Oracle announces ADF Essentials release - Now ADF on Glassfish

Exciting news, we're announcing the release of ADF Essentials, the core of Oracle ADF as a free edition which can run on Glassfish.  Now if you want the productivity of ADF in your Java environment, you can.  You don't need WebLogic Server, and you don't have to pay for it either!  Full details of the announcement on OTN.

Thursday Sep 13, 2012

ADF training material now on the iPad

My team has developed about a weeks worth of ADF training material under the title ADF Insider and ADF Insider Essentials.  This has been available from our page on OTN.  But we are now loading all our content on YouTube as well so the content can now be accessed on iPads.  Over the next couple of weeks we'll also add these YouTube links to the OTN page but in the meantime, if you have an interest in ADF I strongly urge you to subscribe to our ADFInsiderEssentials YouTube Channel so you can be alerted when new content comes on line.

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Monday Sep 03, 2012

Gartner review Oracle ADF

Gartner has just published a report on Oracle ADF.  For customers already levergaing Oracle technology my read is that this is a strong write up for Oracle ADF.  Full report from here.

Thursday Aug 09, 2012

How do Fusion Application Design their UX - now you know!

There have been literally millions of man-hours of research into how to design the user experience of Oracle's Fusion Application - this goes beyond colors and fonts and is about how humans interact with IT applications.  Its a science I don't understand but now I don't have to...Now you can learn from the UX experience of Fusion applications.  Oracle has just published the design patterns for Fusion Applications.  These show things like common flow and page layout.  This is part of a larger usability site for Oracle Applications which are driving new standards in usability.

So, for those building Oracle ADF applications, you have at your fingertips the collective brain-dump from our UX specialists to ensure you can build accessible, usable, engaging and exciting applications.

Friday Aug 03, 2012

How Popular is ADF? Come and See at Oracle World

One indication of the popularity and importance of a technology is the buzz it generates around the major conferences.  At Oracle World this year we've  5 days of  jam packed content based around Oracle ADF.  Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned pro, there will be content for you.  The biggest challenge will be fitting it all in!

Wednesday Jul 25, 2012

And Oracle's new Support site will run on....

...ADF ;o)

Oracle ADF continues to be the foundation of not only Oracle's future Enterprise Business Applications, but also many of our other lines of business.  In this latest, the new Oracle Support portal will be running on ADF.

Monday Jul 02, 2012

Tutorial on Hudson, JUnit and Ant

Often when discussing ADF we often show the features for developing applications. However, writing applications is only one part.  Building in a team, integrating code, testing it...these are equally important to the success of the project.  If you would like to find out how features in JDeveloper can help you build, maintain, integrate and test your application then check out this tutorial.

Wednesday Jun 20, 2012

Learn Advanced ADF Online, For Free

The second part of the advanced ADF on line ecourse is now live.  This covers the advanced topics of region and region interaction as well as getting down and dirty with some of the layout features of ADF Faces, skinning and DVT components.  The aim of this course is to give you a self-paced learning aid which covers the more advanced topics of ADF development.  The content is developed by Product Management and our Curriculum development teams and is based on advanced training material we've been running internally for about 18 months.

We'll get started on the next chapter, but in the meantime, enjoy chapters one and two.


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