Friday Aug 30, 2013

Oracle ADF and Oracle Forms and Oracle World This Year

Oracle World 2013 is again awash with leading edge sessions on Oracle ADF, mobile and Cloud.  Here are some of the top ADF and Forms sessions at Oracle World 2013.  In addition, all your favourite Product Managers will be staffing the ADF and Forms demo grounds.

Wednesday Aug 07, 2013

Become an Oracle specialized partner - for free!

Calling all Oracle partners.  If you want to become specialized in Oracle ADF, now is your chance with 8 ADF worshops running in EMEA in the last quarter of this year.  No excuses not to get skilled up and become a key Oracle partner in the middleware and ADF space.

Tuesday Aug 06, 2013

ADF and Forms at Oracle World 2013

I was about to write an entry on the full list of events relevant to Forms and ADF at Oracle World 2013 but I see Shay has beaten me to it, so here it is.  If you were ever going to spend some training dollar$ on ADF then this is where you should be spending it.  A packed agenda of ADF sessions from pretty much the who's who in ADF-land.

Wednesday Jul 31, 2013

ADF Architecture TV - Developer PC

If you've not see the announcement yet then you have to check out the new ADF Architecture TV channel. Here is a quick infomercial if you've not seen it!

 This is a new initiative from us in Oracle Product Management to drive best-pratices and design out to the community through a series of weekly episodes from key Oracle ADF specialists.  In this episode Chris Muir talks about Planning and Getting Started - Developer PCs.  Make sure you subscribe as we have over 100 episodes planned covering security, web services, PL/SQL integration, UI design and much more!

Friday Jul 19, 2013

ADF and ADF Mobile Bootcamps for Oracle Partners

There is a big drive towards Oracle ADF and ADF Mobile training for Oracle partners and this is your chance to get training.  These bootcamps will be running in EMEA later this year and you can get full details here

Thursday May 30, 2013

Forms and ADF Mobile at Scottish OUG

June 12th will be the Scottish Oracle User Group at which I'll be presenting two sessions.  The first is What to do with your Oracle Forms Applications and Developers.  The second session will be Mobile Application Development for the Enterprise

Tuesday Apr 30, 2013

Free Webinar from ADF Ninja Andrejus Baranovskis

I'm pleased to announce that Andrejus Baranovskis, one of the leading experts in Oracle ADF, is running a free webinar masterclass on the 14th of May 2013.  This is a chance for you to learn from a consultant who is behind some of the most successful ADF implementations.  Full details can be found on his blog here but if you have any interest in building successful ADF projects, this is the man to listen to!

Tuesday Mar 19, 2013

Free Hands on ADF Training from Grant Ronald

Oracle has confrimed a hands-on ADF training day on the 10th April 2013 in Oracle's Reading offices in the UK.  This will be aimed at new ADF and JDeveloper developers and will lead you through the basics and some more intermediate topics to kick-start your ADF learning.   I will be delivering the training and places are limited to less that 20 so get registered ASAP.


Monday Mar 11, 2013

OUG Ireland 2013

I'm off to the Oracle User Group Ireland tomorrow (12th March) where, amongst other things, I'll be presenting two sesssions:

  • The Quick Start Guide to Oracle ADF is based on my book and is aimed at giving you a whistlestop tour of what ADF is all about.
  • Mobile Application for the Enterprise will be focused on the hot topic of developing for mobile devices, the market, the challenges and some of the solutions.

I've also go my eye on "Mobile in Fusion: Rich User Experience Through Reusable Design Patterns" inbetween my sessions which should be an interesting insight on the user experience challenges of how we build mobile applications for Fusion.


Thursday Feb 21, 2013

Virtual Developer Day - Learn ADF on line

Do you want to join a free online developer day where you can learn about the various components that make up the Oracle Fusion Development platform including ADF, ADF Mobile, Oracle WebCenter, Business Intelligence and more. Online seminars and hands-on labs available directly from your browser.   This virtual developer day is running on the 5th March and you can register here.

There are seminar sessions as well as live chat with Oracle experts (including me!) and hands on sessions.  This is a great way to kick start as well as improve your knowledge of Oracle FMW, Oracle ADF and other technologies.


Friday Jan 25, 2013

Special Interest Group on Mobile Development

Many analysts are predicting that mobile application will be a gamechanger for businesses.  Infact its probably fair to say that "big business" is playing catch-up with consumer driven mobile applications.  So it is timely that the UKOUG are running a Special Interest Group on Mobile development.  This full day session will include presentations on native mobile development, ADF Mobile and Application Express.  There will also be discussion on the legal and security aspects of mobile development followed by an open discussion.  Its taking place at the Oracle offices in BVP (Birmingham, UK) on the 5th Feb 2013.  Last time I checked there were about 10 places left.


Thursday Jan 24, 2013

ADF Architecture Masterclass in EMEA

The Oracle SOA Partner community are running an event the week of 19th February in Vilamoura, Portugal.  I will be there presenting sessions on ADF Mobile and SOA/ADF Mobile.  Frank Nimphius will also be delivering a 2 day ADF Architecture training course.  There is even a session about running Forms in the cloud! If you can make this event, its a great few days of content.

Thursday Jan 17, 2013

Meet the ADF Enablement Team

You may know some us of (or at least the names), but I wanted to introduce you to the ADF Enablement team and give you an insight into what we do.  We are part of the Oracle ADF Product Management group and our remit is the successful enablement of ADF.  So what does that really mean?  Well as product managers we are focused on the success of the product, but specifically we are tasked with helping customers and developers adopt, learn and ultimately be successful with Oracle ADF.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to do this.  The first is the reactive support and help of customers.  So for example, many of us are engaged with internal (remember, ADF is used for many of our internal systems including Fusion Apps) and external customers.  This might involve code reviews, architecture reviews, helping on escalated issues with Support, developing workarounds, logging bugs, suggesting enhancements and answering forum posts.

Now, the problem with that is there are only so many customers we can engage with at any one time, so we try to scale up our enablement through proactive initiatives.  So things like ADF Code Corner, ADF Insider and ADF Insider Essentials, ADF Architecture Square and our Advanced ADF Ecourse are developed from within this team.  Future proactive initiatives also include a live ADF Architecture course, ADF Faces Usability course and two new ecourses (in a new format) for mobile and Java.

You'll also find us globetrotting and turning up at various events.  You'll usually find at least one of us at an Oracle user group near you (if not, just ask us!) and we're often the trainers delivering live classes and education for internal and external customers.  Oh, and we've published books on Web Center and ADF and have regular columns in various Oracle and user group magazines.

So, that's what we do, now to meet the team.  We're a globally diverse team but late in 2012 we managed to find ourselves all in the same country, and infact, in the same pub and here is the picture to prove it.











The team is, from left to right:

  • Susan Duncan (UK) - who runs the Mobile program office, setting up developers who want to develop mobile applications
  • Chris Muir (AUS) - our APAC ADF guru and co-founder of the ADF EMG
  • Frederic Desbiens (CA) - our newest member who brings a wealth of real world ADF development experience
  • Lynn Munsinger (US) - the brains behind Fusion Order Demo and also runs the team* who develop OU courses and tutorials
  • Grant Ronald (UK) - I have the pleasure of managing this group of wonderful individuals, and anything Forms/ADF
  • Frank Nimphius (DE) - All round ADF-meister and font of all ADF knowledge.

So next time you pick up an ADF developer guide, code sample, book or attend a training course, it might be one of the ADF Enablement team who has had a hand in it.

* And a call out to Lynn's team: Gary Williams, DeDe Morton and Jeff Gallus.

Tuesday Jan 15, 2013

ODTUG Webinar for all ADF Newbies!

If you are new to ADF and want a quick rundown of what it does, ODTUG and PITSS are running a webinar on Tue 22nd January.  An hour on a webinar might just kickstart your understanding.

Friday Jan 11, 2013

UKOUG - Everthing you wanted to know about developing mobile applications

UKOUG are running an awesome special interest group on mobile development.  The ability to run and access enterprise applications on smartphones and tablets is probably the hottest development topic right now and its great to see the UKOUG dedicating a full day on this.  This is not just about a specific product but is aimed at the whole development experience of building for mobile and tablet.  Its the 5th of Feb at the Oracle offices in Birmingham. Places are limited so register your interest with the UKOUG as soon as possible.



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