Thursday Dec 18, 2014

UKOUG Most Read Article Award

Made it back from a very successful UKOUG conference with an extra piece of luggage:  an award for the "Most Read Article of 2014" in the UKOUG's Oracle Scene magazine.  "Mobile: The Enterprise Gamechanger".

Always nice to know that the effort of writing articles such as these is recognized.

Tuesday Sep 02, 2014

I'm speaking at UKOUG Tech2014

UKOUG is an awesome conference which I've been lucky to attend for about the last 13 years or so (is it really that long!) .  Whilst I really enjoy it as a presenter, its also a great place for learning - infact, if you have training budget then I'd be seriously considering spending it on attending UKOUG.  The agenda is packed with great content.  I'll be presenting on

  • Building on-device mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Everything you need to know about Oracle ADF in 45 minutes

 I think what is really cool about his year is we have themes which are product agnostic.  So you don't have to be hung up on productX versus productY - if you are interested in cloud, or mobile or usability then there are complete streams of content for you.

Monday Jul 14, 2014

10 New Oracle MAF Videos - Web services and Data Accees

Frank Nimphius takes to the stage to demonstrate consuming web services from Oracle MAF applications.  This series of videos includes intro level descriptions to data controls, bindings, REST and SOAP.  It then shifts up a gear to cover programmatic access to web services from Java in Oracle MAF.  If you are looking to skill up on Oracle MAF please subscribe to the channel.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2014

Oracle Mobile App Framework Hackathon for Partners

Oracle are running a Mobile Application Framework hackathon in Portugal at the beginning of August for Oracle Partners.  This is great opportunity to learn Oracle's strategic mobile application framework, as well as an chance to BYOA (Bring Your Own Application) and get Oracle experts to help you build it.  You can find out more details and register here.

Monday Jul 07, 2014

10 New Videos Released in Official Oracle MAF training

I've just release the next 10 episodes of the official Oracle MAF online training series.  That brings us up to a total of 25 videos so far with another 10 (on data and web services) being release next week.  You can access the YouTube channel at this link.  If you want to get up to speed on the technology underpinning Oracle's mobile strategy, this is where you need to be.


Tuesday May 20, 2014

UKOUG Tech 2014 Conference -Last chance to attend for free!

The deadline for submitting papers for the UKOUG Tech 2014 conference has been extended for a few more days.  This is a great conference with some great speakers and  its free to attend if you are presenting!  That's why I've submitted!

Friday May 16, 2014

Oracle ADF Sweden, Norway and Denmark - links for all the delegates

I had a brilliant couple of days teaching ADF and ADF mobile in Sweden, Norway and Denmark this week and as usual, I got asked for a copy of my slides. However I feel the slides are often worth a lot less without the presenter so instead I thought I would point to links which gives you the same information but in much more digestible format.

For the broad material on learning Oracle ADF I recommend the following


For the Forms content we covered


ADF Mobile content


Friday May 09, 2014

Attend UKOUG 2014 Conference for Free!

The UKOUG is one of my favorite conferences of the year: local, good size, GREAT presentations.  If you want to attend this conference FOR FREE all you have to do is submit a paper and get accepted!  The call for papers is open and there are only a couple of weeks left to get your ideas in.  Any war stories, experiences, or if you feel you've a bit of technical expertise you'd like to share then get your ideas in.

Database, PL/SQL, ADF, Apex, Forms, security, cloud, mobile, UX are all hot topics for the Development stream, but its up to you if you think you have an interesting story to tell others.

I've submitted three already! 

Tuesday May 06, 2014

Free ADF and Mobile Training Around Europe 2014

For those of you, or in your organization, who are looking to get a quick start of Oracle ADF knowledge, or are looking to better understand Oracle's mobile strategy, I will be presenting a number of live workshops and seminars in the coming 6 weeks.  You don't get many things in life for free so its a great opportunity to get some free training directly from Oracle.

For the Nordic events I will also be touching on the topic of Forms modernization and migration and giving a quick rundown of Oracle's mobile strategy as well. 

Thursday Feb 20, 2014

What is Oracle Mobile Suite

You might start hearing mention of a new product/initiative from Oracle called Oracle Mobile Suite.  This is a suite of products covering the development efforts for building Enterprise mobile applications; and that includes the on-device applications as well as the back-end services they consume.  To help you understand a little more of the challenges, the products available, and Oracle's vision, my team put together a short video on Oracle Mobile Suite which gives you the main points to understand.

Wednesday Jan 29, 2014

UKOUG Development SIG - understanding all this new stuff!

The first UKOUG Development SIG of 2014 kicks off in London on the 5th of Feb.  The topics are aimed at de-mystifying all these new technologies that come along in middleware: Service Bus, Coherence, Web Services, IDM.  This will be a great opportunity to get some solid grounding as well as the usual networking opportunities.

You can see the full agenda here

Tuesday Nov 19, 2013

Oracle ADF Virtual Developer Day running globally

Just a reminder that a set of three Oracle Developer Days focused on Oracle ADF are starting out on today .

  • Top Ten Secrets of Successful Oracle Application Development Framework Projects
  • Improve Your ADF Fusion Application's Response Time by as Much as 70 Percent
  • Best Practices for Developing Applications with Oracle ADF Mobile
  • Best Practices in Oracle ADF Development
  • Developing Mobile Web Applications with Oracle ADF Faces
  • Debugging and logging for Oracle ADF applications
There is also a track dedicated to getting started with Oracle ADF Mobile.

You can register for the events here.

Events are running in three time zones on different days:
  • Americas - Tuesday  - November 19th / 9am to 1pm PDT / 12pm to 4pm EDT/ 1pm to 5pm BRT
  • APAC - Thursday  - November 21st / 10am – 1:30pm IST (India) / 12:30pm – 4pm SGT (Singapore) / 3:30pm – 7pm AESDT
  • EMEA - Tuesday - November 26th / 9am - 1pm GMT / 1pm - 5pm GST/ 2:30pm - 6:30pm IST

This is a unique opportunity to get some of the content that you get in real events such as OpenWorld directly from your work/home computer.

Come learn something new!

Thursday Nov 14, 2013

Free Training : Oracle ADF Design and Architecture Principles

Oracle is running a 3 day workshop on ADF Design and Architecture.  This is not a beginners course, its a deep dive into the design and architectural decision you have to consider when embarking on an ADF project.  Its running  3-6 December , 2013: Düsseldorf, Germany and topics include:

" Planning & Get Started - Team, Skills and Development Environments
" ADF Reusable Artifacts
" Advanced Task Flows
" ADF Architectural Patterns
" Task Flow Navigation Patterns
" Task Flow Data Control Scope Options
" Task Flow Transaction Options
" ADF BC Application Module Design
" Task Flow Communications Patterns
" Service Integration Architectures
" ADF Service Architectures
" Architecting for PLSQL
" Designing for Security
" Application Customization and MDS
" Designing for Internationalization"

You can Register Here!

Wednesday Sep 04, 2013

Calling all developers - what does Big Data mean to you?

Big data is one of those terms we are seeing banded about but what does it mean to you as a developer?  To help get you up to speed the UKOUG Development SIG are hosting a day centered around Big Data.  Sept 11th at the UK Oracle offices in Reading you'll hear from various experts on what Big Data means for businesses and for developers.


Friday Aug 30, 2013

ADF Architecture Masterclass now running in India

I'm very pleased to announce that the ADF Real World Architecture and Design Principles course scheduled to run in India in September.  Not only is the great content developed by leading ADF experts in conjuction with Oracle's Fusion Apps team, but its also being presented by one of the shining lights in ADF-land; Jobinesh Purushothaman who wrote "The Real World Developer's Guide"

If you would like to attend this course please click the link above and let us know if you have an interest to run this in your region.


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