Thursday Apr 03, 2014

Running Apex applications from ADF Mobile on-device

Frederic Desbiens from the Oracle Product Management team will be presenting an interesting mash up of technologies at Collaborate in Las Vegas next week.  His session "Bring your APEX application to iOS and Android with ADF Mobile" will show how you can use the on-device power of ADF Mobile on iOS and Android to addess application functionality already developed in APEX.

His session is on the 10th of April (Thu) at 4:15pm a Collaborate14

Wednesday Apr 02, 2014

Get a perspective on mobile development : UK event 14th May.

If you are looking to drive a mobile strategy in your business there is a great event being run by Oracle UK onthe 14th of May.  You can register here.

The agenda includes industry leaders discussing mobile strategy as well as topics such as cloud and security.

Tuesday Feb 04, 2014

ADF Mobile - attached device not being recognised

Seemingly randomly I started having errors trying to deploy an ADF Mobile application to my Nexus 7 tablet.  I was getting

[10:28:07 AM] Shutting down Android Debug Bridge server...
[10:28:07 AM] Deployment cancelled.
[10:28:07 AM] ----  Deployment incomplete  ----.
[10:28:07 AM] Failed to detect a connected Android device.  Make sure the device is connected.  Otherwise, manually restart the ADB server.  The following results were provided by ADB:
List of devices    attached

But in addition, I also noted that some software I was using to view the Nexus on my PC was also not finding the tablet.  I also couldn't see the tablet on the Windows Explorer window - so, something somewhere outside of JDeveloper seemed to be the problem.

What I did to fix this was the following

  1. From the Windows Start I ran devmgmt.msc and from here I found "Android Composite ADB Device" - I double clicked on this to chose to uninstall AND delete the driver.
  2. I then re-connected the Nexus and it started to install the driver.  I got an error here but I pressed on regardless since now at least Windows Explorer could see the device although JDeveloper couldn't
  3. I made sure USB Debugging was ON on the tablet AND I also switch off Media Device (MTP) which is a USB connection option.

The combination of the above and the luck of the gods seemed to have got things working.


Tuesday Dec 10, 2013

Understanding Oracle's Mobily Strategy - webinar with Gartner

Mobile has been a topic that has been making a buzz around the conferences over the past year so it is good to hear Oracle's official position.  On Thursday 12th December there will be a webinar held jointly with Gartner to discuss

  • Oracle's mobile strategy
  • The challenges of enterprise mobile development
  • How Oracle's Mobile Platform addresses those challenges

The webinar is free and you can register here.

Tuesday Oct 29, 2013

Oracle Mobile Events Coming in November 2013

There is an Oracle roadshow about to kick off covering topics such as Cloud, Big Data and Mobile.  Mobile (my area of interest) is a real hot topic in business now with many moving to a "mobile first" development approach.  I'll be there talking about mobile and Oracle's solution for mobile offerings.  The UK/Ireland events are in London, Manchester and Dublin.  Places are of course limited but registration is open

Tuesday Oct 15, 2013

ADF Academy new security chapter added

The ADF Academy series which focusus on ADF Mobile has been updated to inlcude a new chapter on ADF Mobile security.  A great learning resource for getting up to speed on ADF Mobile.

Friday Aug 30, 2013

Understand the value of ADF Mobile in 3 minutes

If you are looking for a short and succinct understanding of the value of ADF Mobile then look no further.  This video given you a quick insight into how ADF Mobile helps you.

Friday May 31, 2013

ADF Academy: Learn ADF Mobile for free on line

I'm very pleased to announce that we are launching a new on line learning initiative called ADF Academy.  The first release is focused on ADF Mobile.  This is an interactive learning course which includes interviews with ADF Mobile experts, live demos, and quizes; all delivered through an engaging and dynamic learning style.  The whole idea is to move away from the bullet point driven learning we often see, and instead move to a much more engaging model of learning. 

I'm really excited to release this course and we're keen to hear your feedback.

For ANYONE who is learning ADF Mobile, this is the place to start your learning journey.

Friday May 24, 2013

ADF Mobile - accessing the SQLite database

I've just uploaded a new video to our official YouTube Channel which shows how to access to the local SQLite database from an ADF Mobile application.  Very useful feature if you want to run off line data retrieval and storage. 

Monday Apr 29, 2013

UKOUG Run Full Day SIG on ADF Mobile

After the success of the generic mobile development SIG earlier in the year, the UKOUG are having a SIG focused on ADF Mobile, the technology behind the mobility of Fusion Applications.  Topics include device integration, security, web service development for mobile and user experience.  Its on the 21st May in Oracle's UK London city office.

Places are, as usual, limited so get registered ASAP.

Friday Apr 12, 2013

Learn Oracle Mobile Technologies from ADF Expert Chris Muir

For anyone looking to skill up on ADF Mobile, Chris Muir is running a series of events in Australia in April and May.  Each will be a full day covering how to build mobile applications, security, integration with device features like phone/GPS/email, and apart from anything else is a chance to learn from one of the leading experts in Oracle ADF.  You can get full details from Chris' blog.

Tuesday Apr 02, 2013

ADF Mobile - integrating with device features

For those of you looking at ADF Mobile for building on-device mobile applications we published a playlist called ADF Mobile - Integrating Device Services which brings together the various videos we recorded on how to integrate ADF Mobile applications with device features such as SMS, email and camera.

Monday Mar 04, 2013

Calling REST services from an ADF Mobile Application

I've just recorded and uploaded a new video on how to call REST services from an ADF Mobile application.  Given REST is one of the primary mechanisms for interacting with mobile devices, I'm hoping this will be a key piece of information on developing ADF Mobile Application (after all, that's why the channel is called ADF Insider Essentials!)  In the demo I show using the URL Data Control and also how to use the REST Service Adaptor.

Wednesday Feb 27, 2013

ADF Insider Overview of ADF Mobile

I've just uploaded a new video giving an overview of ADF Mobile including positioning, technology and a product demo.  The video is available on our official YouTube Channel

Friday Feb 08, 2013

How to set up ADF Mobile for an Android device

If you are looking to try out ADF Mobile on the Android platform then you have a couple of things to set up.  This new ADF Insider Essentials video shows you how to set up the Android SDK, the emulator, JDeveloper and how to create a keystore for release deployment.

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