Friday Jan 22, 2016

Getting up to speed on Oracle tech with a little help from Packt

One of my roles in Oracle is technology enablement.  I'm focused on getting our customers up and running with Oracle tech using a variety of different aids such as tutorials, white papers, videos and of course books.  If you are looking to skill up on Oracle tech then  Packt Publishing have an offer of 50% off their Oracle ebooks & videos if you use this following code ALLEBKVID50.  Gives you a good opportunity to get some good tech books at half their price.

Thursday Apr 16, 2015

Oracle Alta UI paper published in UKOUG Magazine

At the start of the year I was approached by the UKOUG publishing team and commissioned to write an article on Oracle Alta UI; our new design philosophy for modern mobile and mobile web applications.  Glad to see the article has made the front cover of the latest edition.

Monday Mar 10, 2014

Oracle Mobile Strategy at OUG Ireland Conference

I'm in Dublin to speak about Oracle's mobile strategy at the annual Oracle User Group conference.  Given mobile seems to be a hot topic I hope it will be useful to get a vision of where Oracle is going in this market.

Friday Sep 07, 2012

55 and counting: ADF and Forms sessions at Oracle World

There is a phenomenal agenda of Forms, ADF and JDeveloper running at Oracle World this year.  So far, I can see about 55 sessions which are directly related to my product areas (Forms, JDeveloper and Oracle ADF).  These range from high-level strategic keynotes, to deep dives and hands on sessions from some of the best known names in ADF and Forms.  As we get nearer the kick off date I'm going to call out a number of these sessions but if you are considering whether OracleWorld is a good way of spending your training dollars my answer would be an emphatic YES!

Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Fusion Forward - a write up of Oracle World 2011

Lucas Jellema from Amis has written a great piece on his take from Oracle World 2011 including Oracle Fusion, ADF, Oracle Forms and more.

Friday Sep 30, 2011

Off to Oracle World and Why You Need to Pre-Register for Sessions!

Sunday I'm catching an early flight to San Francisco for the conference of the year, Oracle World.  Its a packed few days for me.  I'm literally off the plane, baggage, customs and then straight to the Moscone Center for the ADF EMG day.

Monday I have customer meetings, demo grounds and two presentations.  Tuesday, same again! By Wednesday all my sessions have been delivered so I might try and catch some of the other ADF and Forms presentations, although I have a 3 1/2 hour stint on the Forms demo ground.  Then Thursday its back home....oh, and there are a few parties to "meet and greet" each night.

So its going to be a pretty full on few days but its all worth while when I see how many people are pre-registered for my sessions.  Nearly 350 pre-registered for "Getting Started with Oracle ADF: What You Need to Know". "Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development with Oracle ADF" is already over 50% subscribed and both "What's Your Choice for Oracle Forms: Modernize, Upgrade, Integrate, or Migrate?" and "Redeveloping a Forms Application in Oracle ADF: A Case Study" have over 160 pre-registrations between them.

The lesson here is that if you really do want to see one of these sessions, get pre-registered.  Otherwise you might be disappointed...of course can you just turn up but you only get in once all of the pre-registered line gets seated first.

Tuesday Sep 13, 2011

Oracle WebCenter 11g PS3 Admin Cookbook book review

A copy of Oracle WebCenter 11g PS3 Administration Cookbook dropped onto my desk a couple of weeks for a review.  While WebCenter is not a product I'm specifically involved in, its is built ontop of Oracle ADF and so I was interested to have a read.  I should point out that as an admin cookbook it probably wasn't written with my profile in mind but I found it a well written, clear and importantly, an easy to read book.  One things I struggle with when reading technical books is pages and pages of deep technical text.  What made this book easily digestable was the easy to follow layout and flow.

For example, there were clear breaks in the text with sections "Getting Ready", "How to Do It" and "How it Works". I really liked this approch because it instantly set your expectations for the coming text.

As for the topics covered, these were broadly the most common admin task you would need to perform: e.g. managing look and feel, managing resource catalogues and consuming portlets.

So, while this book isn't a requirement for my current day-to-day activities, the day I need to set up and managed a WebCenter installation, this is the book I'll be working from!

Thursday Aug 25, 2011

UKOUG Development SIG September 2011

The UKOUG Development SIG will be running a day focused on Data Management at Oracle's offices in Reading on the 20th September.  This event is free for UKOUG members.  Click here for a full agenda listing.

Wednesday Aug 24, 2011

Preregistration at my Oracle World Sessions

I've got a busy Oracle World 2011 this year with 4 sessions at which I am presenting.  These sessions are open for pre-registration and its good to see over 100 people already registered to attend.

  • Getting Started with Oracle ADF: What You Need to Know 
  • What's Your Choice for Oracle Forms: Modernize, Upgrade, Integrate, or Migrate? 
  • Quick Start Guide to Oracle Fusion Development with Oracle ADF
  • Redeveloping a Forms Application in Oracle ADF: A Case Study

There is going to be some great content this year.  Some of the sessions I would love to attend (if I can!) will be

  • Push to the Limit: Rich and Proactive User Interfaces with Oracle ADF
  • Angels in the Architecture: An Oracle Application Development Framework Architectural Blueprint
  • Four Ways to Transition from Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF Conference Session 
  • Real-World Performance Tuning for Oracle ADF Applications

There is also a FULL ADF day on the Sunday.  If you are involved in Oracle ADF projects (or will be) I think this is about the best way you could spend your training budget.

Tuesday Nov 16, 2010

Can you become certified in Oracle ADF

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