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Calling REST/JSON web services from MAF

REST/JSON is pretty much regarded as the "tool of choice" for mobile devices working with back end services.  Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF) supports SOAP/XML, REST/XML and REST/JSON, however our support for REST/JSON is currently more code-centric that the others.  Whilst we are working on adding more declarative/framework support for REST/JSON, if you do need to implement this now, we've published an end-to-end tutorial to show how to work with REST/JSON web services from an Oracle MAF application.

Whilst this might look quite long winded for anyone new to the platform, what we have done in this tutorial is go through the effort of setting up supporting framework classes which will make this implementation work with your own specific use cases.

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  • Tarek Wednesday, May 13, 2015

    While i am trying to run the application on Jdeveloper 12.1.3 - andorid emulator i faced below error

    [08:08:48 AM] Error during processing of action! Attempting to revert...

    [08:08:48 AM] oracle.maf.mafhelper.api.MafHelperException: oracle.maf.mafhelper.api.MafHelperException: java.lang.Exception

    [08:08:48 AM] at oracle.maf.mafhelper.internal.utils.MafHelperInternalUtilities.runProcess(Unknown Source)

    [08:08:48 AM] at oracle.maf.mafhelper.internal.utils.MafHelperInternalUtilities.executeCmd(Unknown Source)

    [08:08:48 AM] at oracle.maf.mafhelper.internal.utils.MafHelperInternalUtilities.addPlugin(Unknown Source)

    [08:08:48 AM] at oracle.maf.mafhelper.internal.utils.MafHelperInternalUtilities.deploy(Unknown Source)

    [08:08:48 AM] at oracle.maf.mafhelper.MafHelperMain.main(Unknown Source)

    [08:08:48 AM] Caused by: oracle.maf.mafhelper.api.MafHelperException: java.lang.Exception

    [08:08:48 AM] ... 5 more

    [08:08:48 AM] Caused by: java.lang.Exception

    [08:08:48 AM] at oracle.maf.mafhelper.api.MafHelperException.<init>(Unknown Source)

    [08:08:48 AM] ... 5 more

    [08:08:48 AM] Shutting down Android Debug Bridge server...

    [08:08:48 AM] Deployment cancelled.

    [08:08:48 AM] ---- Deployment incomplete ----.

    [08:08:48 AM] An error occurred deploying Cordova plugins. (oracle.adfmf.framework.dt.deploy.android.deployers.plugins.AndroidPluginDeployer)

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